How to control hot temper?


Hot temper is a bomb. Every harsh word and provocation will make fire and person can explode . System will simply collapse and all what is left are remains. You can be smart, beautiful, genius, but if you can’t control your reactions in important moments, your life will be hell.

Arthur is famous as very hasty man. His rage is worse than flame, he destroys everything on his way. One day he returned earlier from business trip. His wife had unknown male guest and before she had chance to say anything, he got mad and smacked him into face . He was shocked, until his mouth were bleeding, he explained that he is new colleague from work and that they work at common project. Damage was here, and Arthur regret his action, but this man never visited them again.

It is easy to get angry. If you let your emotions to lead you, you are in trouble.

The way of anger and rage is full of thorns. You can hit someone who is stronger than you, he can sue you or his friends can make pancake from you. Life is not cartoon and when you get up things cannot be fixed. If you feel large amount of rage, if you act like fury, find alternative way to chill out. If you need to break glasses, do it in your house, when nobody is watching this, or hit into punching bag. Your anger is boiled water, and bubbles are around you, ready to make a flood.

Stella had love relation with Roman. During this relation she found out that he has another relation with Ashley. He was very wise guy who was sitting on two chairs. Girls were fighting, but nobody wanted to stay away. One day Stella decided to let go this impossible situation. She was tired of threats, paranoid phone calls and conflicts with Ashley. Simply she stopped to answer on Roman’s messages, he was asking for her but she was not there. In the same time, Ashley was his shadow, she was following him everywhere and he felt rope around his neck. After two months Roman left Ashley, and Stella did not move even little finger. She won in this battle, but she make things harder for Roman. He was very persistent in his attempts to win her heart again. She accepted him after he propose her.

If you are silent, calm , if you use ignorance, you will not lose. 

An opposite, your view will be more clear, finally you give chance to your brain to think about. Instincts are hasty, if you do actions accord your feeling in one moment, you will lose. Yes how much i want to strangle this girl who try to flirt with my boyfriend, but i will not give her a credit. She doesn’t exist, and if she wish to prove an opposite, my mind will bring calm decision.

The best revenge is cold meal. 

Put your opponent on pending time. Until someone is waiting your next move, you will get advantage. The best methods are similar as in chess game. Wait until you move your king, start with pawn. Protect your queen, don’t go naked into battlefield. Save your best ways for the end. In the moment when your opponent think that game is over, you will stand up from the floor and fight back. This will be your victory, because you gave chance yourself to calm down.

Love advices with expiration date


Every woman was once a little girl. Naive child can swallow everything, and elders are here to teach her life lessons. That is how Nancy had distorted vision about love, when she adopted knowledge by her grandmother. Her granny lived in harmonious marriage with grandfather and they stayed together for a forty years. Nancy dreamed about such husband, who will love and respect her forever.

Above all, Nancy got next lessons:

He will love you as you are. So, you don’t need makeup and fancy clothes.

Right guy is chosen for you by destiny. His name is written in the stars.

Everybody find somebody at the end. For everyone exist someone.

Be good and listen to your husband, so he will return you on the same way.

The right one will change himself just for you.

As teenager, Nancy fall in love in Simon. She went on first date in simply shirt, without makeup and with stain on her trousers. Simon laughed so much when he saw her, and they were dating because she made him smile. But when Nancy continued to wear her casual clothes even in front of his parents, he called her messy girl. She gave him sign, that she doesn’t care for herself, so he was not obligated to care for her too.

Next boyfriend was Raphael. Nancy met him in front of night club, when she was vomit after she drink too much beer. She believed that it was hint of destiny, because he puke in another corner. Their relation was trade of alcohol and competition in sickness. When Raphael went to emergency one Saturday, Nancy realized that it is not gift of fate, it was only punishment.

When she was thirty, she got married for Paul. She was good wife, and she accepted all what Paul asked from her. He was businessman and she was constantly cooking dinners for his friends, because he wanted to introduce her as kind of Stepford wife. Always in nice skirt, with tied hair and eternal smile on her face, Nancy was his personal servant. Paul left her because of his business partner Adele, they involved during business meetings.

Now Nancy is divorced and alone. Her grandmother died a long time ago, but Nancy realized that old wisdom doesn’t work in new age. She was constantly chasing a wind, and that wind blown her into unknown direction.

She made an important conclusion, that it is not necessary to stick with someone who doesn’t want to do things for her. Love is not one sided feeling, and for mutual relation both sides are participants. It is not true that everyone will have happy end , because world is full of single people who never found their partners, because of many different reasons.

Until you are in the game, there are still chances for you. It is not the same if you spent life between personal walls or if you collect some negative experiences. Some people will finish alone, but they will have story behind themselves to talk about, to remember that once they were happy.

Granny did not tell her that she must to jump in the water if she wants to learn swimming. If you constantly use swim belt, you will never swim alone. Also, love is not fair play, and if you play accord rules and blocks, it is not guaranteed for good result. When you feel that you stuck in blind alley, change your strategy and forget all what your grandmother teach you. You are responsible for yourself and nobody else will save you, so turn your brain when your heart start to beat faster. Love through granny’s glasses looks different now days, with some updates and changes.

What to do if your prince is still a virgin?

If you ask men when they lost virginity, they will say : “I was 16. I was 18. I was 22. ” Some will even say : “I was 14. ” And some will say with reserve : “I was 25 but i was so picky. ” Rare man will admit that he had 30 or 35 years when he first time made love with woman.
Brazilian footballer Kaka wanted to save his innocence for marriage, so he was virgin until he got married. Or it was good marketing? In general, men doesn’t want to talk about lack of experience, because it makes them bitter feeling, especially if their woman expects certain skills in bed.
Tell man that you are virgin, he will not judge you. Unless you are over 30, he will ask you what you did until know. Your reasons could be religious nature or you just wanted to be in marriage to make love. Man will understand you , if he is conservative, he will even be proud, because he is your first lover.
Well, tell woman that you never made love, it will be problem. Man who is 30 years old, and who doesn’t know what to do with woman’s body is not so desirable partner.
I will tell you some reasons why women avoid male virgins.
She doesn’t want to be his teacher.
She doesn’t want to risk that she goes to someone else after her, once when she learnt him.
She wants to feel as woman. If she teach someone, she will be a man. 
She doesn’t want to tell her friends that she is with virgin. They might laugh to her.
That sounds pretty discouraging, isn’t it? Man is handsome, smart, educated, good person, but he is a virgin, and he already reached some ages, when virginity is embarrassing fact. This could be lethal for his possible relations.
If you are man without experience, and you wish to make love with woman, be ready that she might rejects you.
Make a plan, as own advertising, what makes you a good man, even you are not big fucker.
Don’t tell her at first sight that you never touched woman.
Tell her that you had some experience, but that you never went to the end.
Tell her that you are picky and that you did not want to make sex, just to make love. 
Tell her that you are alergic on cheap, easy women. You can’t relax with them.
Make yourself unavailable at first sight. Don’t jump when your woman moves little finger.
One virgin has different view about love. He is a bit naive. It is easy to fool him, especially if you are woman with experience. Virgin looks at woman as gentle creatures , he will buy the flowers and say sweet words, he will give her kiss in neck, walk slowly at moonlight and watch romantic movie. If she leaves him, he will be devastated.
These are traps where every virgin might fall:
Women on internet.
Women with fake photos on internet will mislead virgins. Real man would never fall on fake photo.
Older women.
Young innocent guy is good target for older women.
Promiscuous women.
Women with lot affairs will get rest in company of young virgin.
If you think that male virgin is good, untouched soul, you are wrong. He might be example of judgment. Male virginity is often connected with traditional, religious values, and if he meets woman with open mind, she will be considered as dirty, cheap and easy in his eyes. He will hardly accept her, because she is not sweet princess.
If you have no patience, he is not for you. He is as child who learns to walk. First step, second step and he falls. He might sees you as woman with disease if you had more partners. He will be afraid that he cannot satisfy you, or that you will cheat him. Your world and his world will crush if you don’t want to make compromise.
This man is a prince, but his kingdoom is closed. Choose do you want to ask him a key.

Too much dominant woman is a burden

Strong attitude is sexy, because you know what you wish and how to ask for it. You don’t afraid to approach to guys , to express your desires and to take control in relationship. If you do some steps more, you are into men area, and this is negative for you.
Ask any man, would he like to date with vixen? Mostly, they will say yes for one night stand with vixen, but no for relation, especially for marriage.
Who is indeed vixen or harpy? 
Woman with hysterical approach. “If you don’t do what i asked from you, you will pay for this.”
Woman who will always complain on anything. “You did not call me on time, you did not wash dishes, you are generally idiot. “
Woman who is ready to use physical force to get what she wants. Yellow press wrote about Slavica Ecclestone , as about woman who beat her husband Bernie.
Woman who make scenes in publicity, because she needs audience for approval.
Woman who involve in everything, so she will know what is the best for her man. Choice of friends, job and hobbies are in her hands. She takes over.
Men will make mutual jokes about friends who are married with vixen.
Something like this:
“Did you hear about Gary, he went to job in the morning with black eye. His wife has hard fist.”
“I called Max on mobile, to invite him on my birthday party, and his wife told me that he is not available for me. She said that i am not good company for him.”
Love sparks will increase because of our differences. It is not by accident, that woman are more soft and gentle, and men are strong and firm. When you act like man, your man will have bad feeling. It doesn’t mean that you must cry all the time or that your man must earn money for you. You can find sophisticated, female ways, to prove that you have right. There is nothing less sexy than screaming voice or hysterical cry.
Some things will do only vixen, and it will chill out men on the level zero.
Force man for sex when he is not in the mood. 
Blackmail to your man, that you will do something bad, if he doesn’t act accord your wishes.
Humiliate your man in front of other men. He will remember if you dance with his friend and if you acted as slut in his arms.
Fight with another woman in front of him. For sure, your rival will deserve role of victim, especially if you are the first who attacked her.
Talk open and without limits about your sexual past. You don’t have to consider yourself as sexual machine.
Compare your present boyfriend with your ex partner, who was great lover. And if you do deep sigh, be sure your man will remember this.
Many teenagers will think that is so cool if they act like Milley Cyrus and talk dirty, or if they call boyfriend as “their bitch.” This is maybe cool in movies, but not in reality. Absolutely, men will not get you serious. He will have fun with you and next day you will not receive call from him. He is a man, why should he needs another guy?
If man is hugged by vixen, other guys will laugh to him. He will be labelled as milksop, because his woman takes control over him. Even worse, if woman cheat him, he is loser of the year. Woman with gun is maybe sexy, but woman with rose is love of his life.  In symbolic way, what you show it will come back to you.

5 myths about friendship with ex partner


Broken glass is not available for drink. Broken plate is not available for food. What is with your broken relation? The moment when you broke up , your relation finished. Stay tuned, because maybe your partner doesn’t think so.

After breakup women will cry, throw anger and maybe make revenge. It will happen immediately, cause broken woman’s heart is fragile and our mind could be crazy. Men are different, they will be quiet , enjoy in their new freedom or try to focus at work and friends. Suddenly, 3 weeks passed, you are brand new woman, and he called you. Now his time of suffering started, so he wants to be in your life again.

Here is a trap. 5 myths about friendship with ex boyfriend might fool you, because his intentions are not clean.

What kind of traps women fall the most?

He used sweet words as bait. He wants you in his bed, but not again in his life.

He wants to use you because he has some problems. Financial, maybe he wants money from you. Or he lost support of your mutual friends, and he wants back in your circle, over your back.

He wants contact with you because still he respects you, but he doesn’t love you anymore.

He is not used to erase people in his life. What he do, is because of his good manners.

He realize that he is not sure about his feelings. Breakup was his cold shower, but he is still in dilemma and he asks your help.


Here is problem with attitude and feelings. You might still love him, but he just still likes you. It is hard to be friend, especially if he found new woman, cause as his friend you will hard accept this. You inherit will be ugly, stupid, bitch, no matter how good is she, you don’t want to surrender yet.

Also, here is problem with ego. Why she, why not you? Why he did some things for her which he never did for you? For example, he stops drinking alcohol in her company, and you were the one who pick him from the floor when he was drunk?

Next problem is in your future. Undefined relation is obstacle on your way. You might meet someone new, but this old one is still disturbs you, even he doesn’t want you back?

The biggest mistakes you can do:

Having sex with ex. Don’t do it, it will be point for him, but not for you.

Call him back, even he was the one who left.

Ask him another chance, even he did not even mention this.

Now, let’s not be so pessimistic so let’s assume that he indeed still loves you. Well, why he hurt you then? Be hard target. Don’t let him in your life again just like that. Close and lock your door. Let he does trespass , because men like challenges. Let he yell, cries, call, until you decide to give him hint. That hint should never be invitation in your bed. Smile, say hello, talk as friend, drink coffee with him and walk away. Let he catch you again.

In the case that you decide to be just his friend, remember you will never be best friends. You will be as reminders on your mistakes. As the time will pass by, you will be happy to reach new level with new partners. It will fade and your ego will be saved.

What happens when emotions rule with you?


Clean mind is half way to successful results. When you need to bring an important decision, your brain should be in chill out position, and your nerves should be calm. Unfortunately, mostly is not like that, so we have bunch of decisions which are made in state of anger, rage, wrath or even hate. Emotions are beautiful part of every human being, but just in a case when we control them or when we use them on right way. When you let your emotions to go wild, results will be unexpected and not as you wanted.

Feelings are as furious dogs. If you let them to rule over you, they will bite you. 

So let’s see here what happens when emotions go wild.

Love. When you fall in love in wrong person, you give him power to do with you what he wants. He can manipulate with you because you have no strenght to say no.

Sadness. If you are in deep grief, you will not see people and events around you. Life will pass and you will stay frozen.

Anger. You can beat someone in state of anger and later you will regret, but you could not stop your fists to work faster than brain.

Self pity. You think that you are the most pathetic creature at this world, so you will let others to spit on you too, because it will make you bigger victim.

Condolence. If you feel sorry every person who cry or beg in front of you, you will not have time for yourself.

Guilt. You are hard toward yourself, so you think you deserve all bad things which happens to you, because that is act of karma, in past life you hurt someone so you must pay your debts.

I was many time witness that people who can control their feelings are more successful. For example, Mabel is the main bitch in her neighborhood. She has husband, two adult daughters, successful work and lover. Nobody will not say nothing ugly about Mabel, because she is cold blooded woman with plan. She is travelling because of her work, daughters are already independent, husband is not always at home, and young Paul is lover, in fact plummer who has a lot work to do in their family house. When Alice, woman next door got divorce from husband, she had many visitors, mostly men. Everybody talked about Alice as whore. Nobody pull trigger on Mabel, she is respectable member of this society, because she is silent as real whore, she has poker smile and nobody knows what she is thinking. Alice is noisy, without secrets, she trusts too much and she created many scenes around. Some of her lovers were married..oops. Alice got black eye in fight with angry wife, because of her lover Steven. 

Human species is not fair group. Do you think people will love you if you are honest, fair and you play with open cards? You will be as rabbit in forest, and every hunter will shot you very easy.

Some people were born to play cold, others learnt with time, and some will never learn, but this is useful skill. 

Let’s see other part of story, how will emotions work for you, when you push them in right direction.

Love. Don’t turn around when you cut off some connections.

Sadness. Wipe your tears and open eyes. Someone will give you hand.

Anger. Take a deep breath before you decide to do some actions. 

Self pity. Forget this, you are not perfect, but neither others are masterpiece. You don’t want to be clown, isn’t it?

Condolence. No, you can’t help this beggar who is asking coins every day, you have smarter things to do.

Guilt. You hurt someone? Everyone hurts someone, intentionally or by accident. It happens, shut down this memory.

When you make decision, you can use this pattern. Remember that you don’t have obligations to play fair, you just want your piece of cake in this circus called life.

When your partner makes you embarrassed


You are crushed into your partner over ears. Will you let him to do anything, no matter what people say? Opinion of others is not important, but if you don’t wish that people laugh to you or pity you, your partner will behave properly. What if you found partner who makes you embarrassed?
This is nightmare for every relation, someone you love is your shame. Men and women will afraid of partner who will get them into uncomfortable situation and in this case there is a choice : stay with partner or leave him.
On first sight, some characteristic will look cool in the eyes of people in love. Two teenagers are crazy in love, he said to his teacher to go to hell, he abandoned her class and shown middle finger. Later, when couple grows up, he might leave his workplace with swearing. Then he will send his mother in law to hell.
Heather cried in relation with her ex boyfriend Thomas, he was great lover, but he ruined her reputation. All her friends started to avoid her, because Thomas used nasty jokes about chubby girls and stupid blondes. He found it hilarious even he was the only one who laughed.
Boundaries between jokes and manners are very thin. Some things could be funny, but not appropriate.
Let’s see situations which women hate, and what will make them feel ashamed.
Partner who stinks. 
Untidy clothes, bad breath, sweat. Your friends might tease you, how you handle Mr Stinky?
Partner who try to flirt with your friends and female relatives.
It is all right if your partner is kind toward your friends, but when he start to comment their boobs and booties, that is not funny anymore.
Partner who talks about his ex’s in front of your friends or in publicity.
That is not nice, to be compared with past lovers.
Partner who ask you money, to pay drinks and food everytime when you sit in restaurant.
Partner who disrespect your parents and who doesn’t try to hide this. 
Aggressive macho man.
He is the one who will yell on you in front of people, because you make your lunch with too much salt. 
On other hand, men are also terrified that their better half should make them ashamed.
Too open minded women.
She talks openly about your penis, sex skills, and her sexual experience.
Smartass woman.
She knows everything better than her man.
Overprotective woman.
She is mother and partner in the same time. She is the one who wipe your mouth after meal.
Woman who poke nose in male business.
She knows all about cars, football, Formula 1. She will correct you, who is the best player in Brazil.
Control freak.
She is the one who watch over you, like policeman. She will give you advices about job and friends, because she knows what is the best for you.
Jealous bitch. 
Woman who will make scene every time when you talk with opposite gender.
Shame is opposite from pride. If you have partner who make your pride under question, that is bad for relation. Partner should work on relation together and make deal. You can yell on each other between four walls, but why should everybody know about your dirty laundry?
Some couples are masters to hide their skeletons in the closet. They are as queen and king, and nobody knows what is behind this. Others are actors in theater, for audience, and that kind of people are subjects of gossips.
It is not matter what people say, but why to give them materials for rumors? After all, everyone likes to talk about others, more than about themselves. When partner says : “I know you don’t like my sister, but for my love, talk with her kindly”, listen this. It is not hard to pretend sometimes. You don’t like your mother in law, but you can say to her that she has right. She will shine, and her son will be grateful to you. Better that, than you make him blush.

He wants friendship – or more?

I want to be your friend.” – first lie which man tells to woman if circumstances between two of them are hard.

How to be friend if you like person more than a friend? When is friendship between man and woman possible?

1. if woman is much older than man, friendship is possible , she can be as his mother or life teacher, or if man is much older he can be her guide as father figure

2. if there is no physical attraction between man and woman, simply she is not his type, or he is not her type

3. if  both are in happy relations with other people

Friendship and love are as two neighbors. There is limit. If you do one step more, you cross the limit. If you have sex with friend, he is your fuck buddy. If you are jealous on other girls in his company, you love him.

To be a friend, you must be sure that you want friendship and nothing more. Because if you do wrong step, you will suffer. Wrong signals can lead you to nowhere. Talking about friendship, and doing opposite things can be a reason to lose person forever. If you feel more, let he/she know. If is too painful to be near that person, let it go.

Don’t force yourself to be a friend to someone who will just use your affection to build ego. This is wrong reason . The basic of every friendship are loyalty, devotion and dignity. You are his friend and you will support him to find woman of his life. If you are envious and jealous, you can’t be his friend, just an obstacle and he will hate you.

When you are in relation, lot of problems develop because of his best friend or her’s best friend. When you are spending much time with best friend, and ask for a reason to avoid your boyfriend or girlfriend that means betrayal. Your limits must be very clear. That woman you know since you were kid is your friend. She is as your sister, so you have no sexual thoughts about her. She is someone without gender. You can imagine yourself to drink coffee with her, but you will not have fantasies about color of her bra. She will not visit you in your sexual dreams. You dream about your girlfriend when she is absent, you miss her. If you don’t think so, you have problem with definition of friendship.

Sometimes you will be in situation that your friend wants more from you. If you are single and she is single, just squeeze her hand more tight and kiss her in lips instead in cheek. Read her signs, she will spend much time with you, she will find excuses to call you few times on day and every important event in her life will be next topic of your conversation. 

There is saying that the best love relations start from friendships. This is good background, because you know this person very well before physical contact. You can predict her or his reaction. Also, you know that your relation with that person will be based on trust, loyalty and devotion. 

Friendship can turn into love. But love can hardly turn into friendship. After breakup, friendship is very hard. We can have mutual respect and agreement after breakup. Friendship in real sense is not possible to develop, because after you split with someone, trust is broken and devotion is ruined. 

That is why is friendship good start of every relation, but not so good end. 

Do you let your past to define you?


It is hard to stand up after defeat and bad experience. Also, this make you as easy target for gossips. Someone brags about you to your friends and it is not always pleasant to hear. Every smart person will create own opinion and use brain to check the fact. But, others may be suspicious  and you can lose their trust.

As much we are familiar with someone, others will have less influence on our perception. Nobody can persuade you that your sister or mother is bad, because you live with them and that is your blood. Also you will cover your ears if someone talks bad about your husband. 

Well, what will be your reaction if you hear bad things about person you don’t know well?

It depends about background of this situation.

Who is your source?

Did you hear something similar before?

Did you hear from more people the same thing?

New people may be refreshment in our life, but also this is risk factor. New girl at your workplace, new neighbor, new man in your life. Who are they and from where are they come from?

Norman heard much bad things about his new girlfriend. Boys talked that she is easy, and girls gossiped her as bad friend who is stealing other’s lovers. Despite of all, Norman gave her chance and she did not betrayed him. Norman just gave her trust and she felt obligation to return him on equal way. Later, she explained bad stories about her, she just involved with wrong people. Norman pressed this right buttons. He was indeed her inspiration and she never regret to give him chance and let him into her life.

When we give access to someone new , we will ask these questions:

Am i fool? She will screw me, i can suppose that.

Can i effort myself to suffer again?

How can i handle more pains?

Life is as house, so if we close all doors, there will not be more visitors. No matter how much pains you had, your heart should not be locked. Leave this small piece which is not destroyed yet, to someone who will deserve this. 

Or you will suffer, as Gordon.

Gordon is familiar as distrustful man. He is indeed paranoid. Every woman is potential threat. So, he thinks that woman will steal him money, cheat him and leave him, because women are created to hurt his fragile heart. His mother spoiled him, because he was her first child. Later, Gordon saw that other women are not ready to please to all his wishes, and he stayed disappointed in life. Then he met Jasmine. She really loved him, but Gordon left bad impression from the start. He heard from someone that Jasmine cheated his ex husband and it was enough to woke up his doubts. As much Jasmine tried to deserve his trust, Gordon should not get rid of past shadows. So, his behavior made her to leave him. 

Our past experience should not be obstacle in the way of our future. Imagine that you travel in unknown country, and you read about criminals in local newspaper, so you will expect that someone will rob you or kill you during your journey. Every man with grumpy face will be considered as possible murderer. 

Once, when you finish with past, don’t compare your previous sadness with new situations. Don’t make new seed of doubts, without real reasons. There is no need to blow on cold. What happened behind your back is not your business. You and your past split a long time ago. If someone reminds you on past times, walk away from that person. Surround yourself with those who are able to look forward. It is better to run and fall, then to stand in one place, frozen as snowman. 

What we ask in chat rooms?


We wish to share some secrets with others, but lack of trust will stop us in the moment. Maybe we feel ashamed and insecure. Maybe we can’t handle expression of other’s faces when we say shocking story. Or, we afraid of boomerang effect, that all what we say can be used against us.
In past times friends were gathering to share problems. We would drink coffee and talk about bad ex partners or hard exams. We were gossiping teachers and bosses. Material is now the same, but place for share moved on. We share our secrets in chat rooms.
Word “trust” has new dimension. That is not situation when you look someone familiar in the eyes. You can open camera, but you are looking in the eyes of strangers. Also you don’t know who is that person, from where is coming from, what is her past. This sounds freaky, isn’t it? If stranger asked you, before 10 years, to tell him story of your life, you would label him as idiot. Now, we are sharing our stories between strangers with nicknames, and that is normal.
Why people love so much internet chat rooms or inbox?
Effect of mystery. It is cool to talk with someone who doesn’t know you. You can lie about yourself and person can’t know the truth. 

Safety. He is far away and he will not come at your door. Unless you give him address. 

Attention.Finally someone is listening you. You have no attention from your friends, colleagues, relatives, but stranger with nickname is listening your problems. 

Feeling of love.You might feel loved. Someone is talking with you whole day, send you messages, and your day is passing between computer monitor and phone. Otherwise, you would cry in dark angle of your room.

Brooke works at office . She is civil officer and her day is covered with calls and papers. All around her is boring, speaking about her office mate who is numb and introvert, until hysterical boss. Brooke found her comfort in chat room. She is talking with Murat, awesome man from Turkey. Her time is passing so soon with him, because everything what he says is different and interesting. Another country, another habits and another culture. Also, Brooke feels special with him, he is listening what she has to say.
People will say that we became strangers when internet appeared. An opposite, internet took place because we treated each other as strangers. Internet did not separated people, because people were lonely before. Imagine this situation. Person x is coughing at office for a half hour, and nobody cares. Unless person collaps and die, nobody will ask you do you need help or medicine. Boss will ask you did you finished your work for today. If you wish to get out because you don’t feel well, you will need licence for exit. Colleagues will have noses in their job, and they will be angry because your coughing is interrupting their work. Strangers in chat rooms will ask you how you feel and they will give you advice.
Strange fact is, when we are enough far way from each other, we start to care more. Distance will break routine, and we will start to ask for other people. We did not notice that our colleague change her hairstyle, but we noticed new profile picture.
Special part of this problem is human character. Bohemian people will hardly fit in. We are not all made for social rules. We don’t want to associate in common lunch in business restaurant. The truth is, reality is limited.
When you are in virtual space, you are totally free. You can delete and block. You can pick with whom you will talk. You will turn off computer when you wish. Well, if you sit in business restaurant with your colleagues, you are not so free. You can’t get up from the table just like that, because someone said something unpolite to you. There are your office mates. Yes, they are assholes and you can tell them open, but other day all will gossip you. Maybe you can lose job. In chat room, you can flag person or simply delete your account. Then you will walk away where you wish.
The biggest freedom starts when we are not aware of obligations. In this case, we don’t have stone in our stomach. We are not obligated to be in internet, but we wish to be. Even it looks that we are slaves or addicted, internet has special way to keep us together on one place. That is reason why strangers are now in our workplaces and neighborhood,  not in chat rooms.
Someone , somewhere  cares about you more than your colleagues next door.