My lost half

People in love use to say that they found their lost half. This is someone who complete you and you share everything with this person. Bad or good, till death separate you. 

If you look into real meaning of this sentence, your lost half is someone similar as you. There must be something what connected you and this person is your reflection from other side of the mirror. Although couples are two different people, they are connected in one, and that means their parts fits perfectly. Our choice of partner talks a lot about us.

What guys say?

I like to date with married women. I am their lover and i am not ready for marriage so i enjoy in this type of relations.”

“My girlfriend can’t have children. It is ok for me, because i don’t like kids and i can’t imagine myself as father.”

“I love young women, fresh and innocent. Really i like control and to teach them, it makes me feel powerful.”

“I like women with experience. Virgins are not challenges for me, it is easy to manipulate with them.”

Every time when you pick up your lost half, it shows something about you. Your girlfriend has a lot of common with your mother? You like dominant woman? That shows your characteristics, or your weakness. Something is missing you, and you will find this in your partner. Together is easier to handle life.


What girls say?

I like strong man. I feel i need protection, leader who will show me the way. So my men are older than me.”

“My choice is young guy. It makes me younger and desirable.”

“I love smart men. It is indeed sexy, i did not finished college so for me this is cool. If such guy choose me, it will make me valuable.

Your lost half is your treasure box. Something attracts you to this person. Paola and Damien had that click. She was stubborn, fearless and sometimes rude, and he was insecure and distrustful. Women tried to be nice and kind with him, but he fall in love in girl who was not sweet as he expected. Simply she shown to him that life is not fairy tale and that he must wake up. Her honesty was better gift than other’s kindness. She pressed this right button.

We will explain to others and to ourselves why we picked just that person. Sometimes, it has no logic. There is saying that love is blind. Why that guy chose this girl, he could find better, more pretty girl, someone with style? That question will ask others, who will be surprised with our choice. Your choice will be different than vision of your parents and friends. They will advice you about love, but finally you will chose by yourself. If you stand by your attitude, you will never justify to others why you made this decision and why you get married with this woman. 

She was your lost half.

Crucified Tina – how internet abuse people

Internet should be tool for connecting people who are far away. In many cases that is good way to talk with persons you will never meet in real life. But, when you open this secret box, you will find dark place with doors for revenge. You can be crucified on internet on many ways, and one of them is spreading porno video about you. If you are unknown person, probably that will not be so popular but it will stigmatize you. If you are celebrity, you are target for this deadly weapon.

Starting from Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, this kind of videos were popular toys to pull attention on main actors in this “movies.” It was not harmful for all, so Kim made big business based on her video and probably nobody would be interested for The Kardashians without this little story. Croatian singer Severina claimed that someone stole video from her laptop and she rise big dust, but story was forgotten and she is popular singer now days. Shall we talk that mentioned girls were ashamed? Maybe on first sight, but with time that movies brought them more popularity and more money.

Now days we have different story. Croatian model Tina Katanić recently became “star” in porno video with 3 guys. Problem is, she was under influence of drugs, without conscience and she looks like manipulated doll on this video. Accord press, that guys she knew from before. Tina shown clearly her opinion about this. She hired lawyer to sue them and she reported case to police. Rape under influence of drugs and spreading porno video without permission on internet are criminal acts. Whoever did this, accord Criminal law in Croatia, can be punished with 10 years of prison or more. 

Anytime when publicity talk about raped women, opinions are divided. In many cases, victim of rape will get label, as woman who deserved this. Audience on internet made amateur analysis of Tina’s behavior. So, she was dressed inappropriate. She had garters in night club. She provoked guys with her dance. She finished in flat with them, and she reported case after one year, when someone started to blackmail her. So, moral majority will say : “She is guilty, spit on her. ” Some stories about her past also made additional reasons for gossips. Accord some rumors, Tina was escort lady, but it was never confirmed. Publicity knows Tina as queen beauty of Croatia and model . She was commenting actual football news in show “Brazuka”, during world championship in Brazil. 

In this case, audience often lose objectivity. During impressions people will not talk about facts. They will see prostitute in the influence of drugs. What is very interesting, nobody mentioned names of guys who made video. That is secret information, and they are marked as victims. Something in this case reminds me on cave, when macho guy is raping woman, and others will clap their hands, because that is real man. He shown her where is her place. She asked for it. This time, that is even worse, she is tool under influence of drugs and she can’t think with own mind. 

Normal, mature and healthy man will never force or deceive woman to do anything against her wishes. It doesn’t matter is that woman prostitute or escort, what size is her dress or does she wear bra. If she says no, if she reject to be involved in this, that is act of rape. When man brags and spread video about his activities, that talk about him, as insecure person who ask for approval of his abilities. He is not sure about his sex virtues? Well, people look at video, what do you think?

Women will say : “It could not happen to me, i don’t have such friends and i don’t go on such places.” Well, perhaps you have right. You don’t go in night club in garters, but are you sure that you are spared of troubles? Maybe not you, but your daughter, sister or best friend is party girl who like to dance in club, and maybe her friends are idiots or rapists. Tina was not careful and cautious. She is model and celebrity and she should be more careful. She is very desirable target for men, to take an advantage of her. What happened is maybe partly her fault, but do she deserve to be judged? 

We have legal institutions to solve this problems. Police and court and Department for human rights. B.a.b.e. are Croatian organisation for protection of women rights. Let them deal with this, because porno video with Tina is not promo video for her career. If that guys will not be judged, we will show bad example for the future. What is message then? Every woman could be raped , every guy has right to gave her drugs and to do with her what he wants. You might don’t know, but you participated in this when you said that she deserved this.

Social phenomenon : why guys ask for nude photos?


When you meet guy in the club, he will ask you for phone number to invite you for next date, if he is interested. When you meet guy at internet, he has some other options and he could ask you “special” photo. This phenomenon started with appearance of social networks. Some guys discovered new treasure for pleasure, how to get free approach to female bodies.

Someone will tell, they can go on porno sites to see naked bodies and watch videos, but somehow is more interesting to know normal woman and ask her for nude photos.

When this crucial moment come?

You will talk with handsome guy through messages. Day by day, you understand each other, exchange sweet words, he became someone you can’t spend day without. You talk about your life, wishes, plans, slowly he got your confidence. Some guys are really masters, and they will easy build ground for something more spicy.

After some time passed, guy sent you his photo, in panties. Free minded guys will send you his pride, naked penis. And then question : “Do you like it? Send me your pussy. “

Now, mostly women will be shocked, block guy and recover from this. If you are woman with self respect, you will not talk with him anymore. You met him on internet, he is not your boyfriend neither your husband and he took himself too much freedom.

If you tolerate such things, you will warn him, do not do it again. You will give him chance, because he was immature, he took wrong signals and did mistake.

If you accept game, you will go on next stage. Let’s meet real. Can you expect something serious from someone who asked you naked photos in internet?

One girl from Croatia traded her photos with mysterious man. They met in real, and he raped her few times. Later, police found that he was convicted before. That mysterious man was indeed real criminal.

The point of this story is not preaching about morality. We all have free choices and views about what to do with our bodies, photos and we are responsible for our acts. The point is to pay attention.

Sometimes, women will think that guy is really interested and that they share something special. If you are woman in certain ages, lonely, on abstinence, this will be your temptation. What kind of damage guy can do, is object of imagination.

He might gossip you in front of others.

He might share and forward your photos to others.

He might mock you, that you look fat, old or ugly.

He might blackmail you, to send your photos to someone who is dear to you.

Losing respect, honor and dignity is something what nobody should pass. Now, this is situation when you got label. Suddenly, everyone could laugh to you, because they got material. People who thought you are perfect will be disappointed. Your beloved people will be shocked, and your enemies will be thrilled. Wow, finally someone shown that bitch where is her place. She got what she deserved.

This is very sensitive area if you are woman. Guys will always have advantage. When man sent dick photo, few will smile,  others will forget this because that is boring. Some people will say what a fool and this will be all. If woman send naked photos, she will be considered as easy, cheap and not worthy of respect. Her friends will turn her back and her enemies will celebrate.

It also depends of image you build in publicity. If you based your career on erotic photos, this is normal for you. Well, if you are business woman, someone who goes to church, family woman and indeed good girl, you are fucked up. This will make you as pretender, because you lived double life. Nobody knew your other face, now everyone will know this.



Too much love can kill you

Shakespeare wrote Othello, story about jealousy where poor Desdemona were strangled. Iago, friend of Othello, made intrigue to convince Othello that Desdemona is cheating him. Othello did not thinking, he just choose to punish her even she was innocent, so he killed her with own hands.

Jealousy is very hard feeling, consequences are that we speak before we think , we act before we speak.

What happened in Croatia, in small city named Vojnić, is terrible tragedy caused by jealousy. 

Shortly, girl Victoria was with 3 guys in relations, one by one. Dejan, Alvin and Boško liked/loved the same fatal girl. One night Victoria came in front of nightclub “Heart “with present boyfriend Boško. He stabbed Alvin and Dejan, he cut Alvin throat, and stabbed Dejan in the heart with knife. Also he wounded bodyguard in the nightclub, and then bodyguard caught him. Two young guys are dead as results of this action. Boško can get biggest punishment, in Croatia is the biggest punishment for murder on cruel way, 40 years of prison. Forums and social networks talk about Victoria , some people blamed her because they think she was playing with guys, but there is no purpose, two young guys are dead.

The main fact is, they all were so young. Victoria has 18 ages, guys were in twenties. This wonderful time of youth is ruined now. 

Sources say that Boško was treating in social networks in his statuses, that this murder were planned indeed. Croatian publicity is waiting, what will court say and what will be the verdict.

What can jealousy do to people? Jealous person want someone for himself, he doesn’t want to share, he wish to owe the person. Extreme form of jealousy is possession.  This is situation when you want to make prison for your partner that nobody see him, control him in every moment and cut every form of freedom. If person did not make obligation to you, if she is in dilemma , is that normal way, to kill someone? 

True love depends about freedom of choice, maturity and ability to make decision.

Young people are collecting experience, they don’t want obligations, they need freedom, passion, and it is nice to be young and furious. 

As James Dean said “live fast die young”. Young life ended before it even started.


Read my diary at own risk

What was your biggest nightmare when you were teenager? You have secrets, privacy and hidden thoughts in notebook called diary, and someone will discover your shelter and read it? That was the biggest fear of teenagers before computers. Today secrets are on blogs and social networks, and fear has another form. Will someone discover your password? Did you give password to other person and he digs into your privacy ?

Former Spice girl Mel B., Scary spice found a way for very strict education of her children. She simply asked her daughters to reveal their passwords from all pages on social networks where they are registered as users. 

Scary mom got in her hands powerful weapon, to dig into inbox and make censor  of all inappropriate messages. Big brother is now big sister and she can rule with her daughters accord her beliefs. Overprotective mother was not so perfect role model because her daughters have different fathers and she was not a saint , but on this way she wants to prevent them from bad guys.

The question is, how much she needs to invade in other private space? Is that kind of approach healthy? 

So this is story about Alison. She raised in very conservative family. Father and mother used every method, even violence to teach their daughter how to behave. One day Alison met Brandon. He was bad guy, who changed girls more often than socks, and he decided to have sex with Alison, despite of stories about her tough parents. He drove her home and they stopped by old house. It was very exciting for Alison so she accepted to go in this abandoned house, to taste an adventure. She had first sex with Brandon. Next morning she started to bleed. She was bleeding too much and her mother called emergency. She had uterine rupture  and she got blood transfusion. Doctors doubted that Brandon use bottle during sex, but Alison did not want to admit nothing. She got help on time and stayed alive, but this trauma affected on her parents. They wondered, what they missed, where they did mistakes? They watched carefully on their daughter, with eye of the falcon, but still the worst happened. 

Teenagers are not stupid creatures. They know all tricks and frauds better than their parents, especially these days. If you use force you can get an opposite effect. If you trust them, they will open their hearts. Even adult person would not like to share password. I have fiance, why should i give him password of my social pages? And why should i ask him the same? I trust him, he trusts me, and if i abuse his trust i will pay for this, as he will too. We based our relation by confidence. 

When you decide to share password with your beloved, you will feel like in cage or under magnifier. That is not all, you can hurt other people. You have friend who said to you all secrets about her in your message box. So, now your husband will read this? Or, your mother will read how your friend lost virginity? That is very unpleasant and somehow kinky.

If you wrote diary, you can remember how you were embarrassed if someone discovered your shelter and read about your first masturbation, first sex or some other experience. If you decided to share that secret with someone, that is different. You give this key, this is not stolen. 

Intruder in your private box is not desirable person. You are under control and with time, this can be abused. Let’s prepare on many question. Who is your friend at Facebook? Why this pretty girl send you photo is swimsuit in your inbox? This guy is dangerous, stranger, who is he?

You can’t save or protect your beloved people in a way that you become spy. I understand, internet is dangerous place, but also if your child have 13, you will explain them not to chat with strangers who can be pedophiles or maniacs. You can notice if your child spend all day in front of computer instead to play outside with others.

If you hold other passwords, soon you can get paranoid feeling. What is this, and who is this and why person do this? 

You can’t sleep anymore, because who knows what else that person wrote to your husband, son, daughter. 

Who opened that Pandora box and what kind of wind is blowing out there? Now you got keys, use it on own risk. 

When hero falls down



All is easier when you are young. You can be wild, crazy, your mistakes will be forgiven easier because you are on the start of life path. When you are getting older, it will be harder to carry on life burden. It is hard to adjust to changes, especially when this is not what you expected. Some changes might make damage to your personal values.

Sometimes, young people can be really cruel because they believe that world belongs to them. Just, they forgot that they are getting older too, and that one day someone will mock them too.

Imagine two people at work. One is new, young and inexperienced guy, other is man with 20 years of work experience. The same mistake will have different mark. You can mistake if you see something first time because you are new player in that area. If you are senior, this is not allowed to you.

Even the biggest stars are not exception of some punishments. 

Remember football player Zinedine Zidane, what happened when he hit Marco Materazzi in chest because he was swearing his mother and sister. Materazzi said that he did not insulted him directly, that he made a joke, but this event will be remembered from World Champion Cup 2006. Nowadays Zidane is successful coach but for sure he doesn’t remember this episode with joy.

Old horse is hard to learn riding, that is an old quote. 

Really, what we learnt, what we consider as our beliefs and attitudes is stashed in our character. Why to change something what we hold in ourselves as our mark whole life, because if society will not like it? Even price will be very high, that we lose our job, respect or admiration.  Simply, it is humiliated when someone wants to teach you as you are little kid, especially if person is younger than you.

More you have, more you can lose. You can’t hit with head against wall because wall is bulletproof. If you are hot tempered, use this on the start, until you are just outsider and nobody can’t blame you. When you are greenhorn, people will forgive you, because world is full of hypocrisy. One day we celebrate heroes, other day we spit on them because they mistake, and they are only humans from flesh and blood. 

David and Goliath – outsider against champion

We live in the age of democracy, which means equality at first place. Wonderful theory, but hard to practice.

People will always ask for idols, role models and kind of kings, to admire to them. This is like the swing, rebels on one side, and toadies on other side, and this balance is changing accord situation.

Imagine that you are famous , it might open every door and you will use this name to enter anywhere. When O.J. Simpson met his future wife Nicole, she did not know who is he, maybe that impressed him. When you can have everything, you will choose challenge, something what is hard to get.

How can small man be on opposite side, to attack such greatness as someone who is famous? 

This is struggle between David and Goliath. Giant Goliath and shepherd boy David in fight, so who will win? Your odds are not good, but still you can win if you believe in yourself.

The worst thing which can happen at your work is that your boss compare you with someone. For example, you are working for lawyer, and role model will be lawyer’s son  because he raised in rich family. This Goliath can do everything because he is privileged. He carry burden because he is someone with task, born to be a winner. His benefit is his weakness, and you have motivation and aim to knock him down.


In football matches is not rarity that David team will win against Goliath team. Greece was football champion in Euro Championship 2004 even nobody expected this. Their odds were 80:1 and 150:1. They won match against Portugal even all odds were on the side of Portugal and they were favorites.

So, next time when you think you have no chance for job or to win someone’s heart, remember Greece football team, how they succeeded. There is saying, that the strongest opponent is underestimated person. First people will laugh to you, then they will pity for you and after this they will clap how you did it.

It is easy to turn to the crowd, because the same people will celebrate those who were small in their eyes until yesterday. They spit on you in the past, but today they clap their hands to give you honor. 

Hats off  for those who deal with  judgments and raise as winners.

Don’t pity for someone who is single

Old quote says “Everybody needs somebody”. Or: “there is someone for anyone.”

I would not agree with this. There are many single people in this world, which means there is no match for everyone. It is not because nobody wants them, it is because of some circumstances and their choices.

There is stereotype that single people are unhappy . But, are all people in relations and marriage happy?

Let’t talk about relations on distance, relations where one partner cheats, and marriage from financial interests. Somehow, it doesn’t sound happy, isn’t it?

There is a big difference between someone we want and what we get. Life gives us cards, but we are playing. And when we do wrong steps in wrong time, results are not on our expectations.

I know guy who spent his youth on parties asking for a right girl. Mostly he was drunk and life pass over him. Now he has diabetes and he needs someone to take care for him. Also he lives in village and it is hard to approach to him, he is surrounded by animals and they are his best friends. When his friend asked him how he feel because he has no life partner, he said that he is rather alone than in bad marriage. 

Single people are indeed proud, and if you try to find perfect match for them, be careful not to hurt their dignity. 

This is like you offer pieces to someone who wants whole cake. Single people are often underestimated as someone from recycle bin.

What are biggest mistakes when you try to help someone who is single?

1. try to introduce your ex partner, as someone who was not good for you, but it will be good for your single friend

2. your ugly cousin who never had girlfriend

3. your admirer, you rejected him and try to get rid of him

4. your good friend, he is so dear but lonely, maybe he can match 

5. blind date with new guy from your workplace

If you try to help single person, ask about her/his priorities and preferences. Try to enter in their head. Focus on areas that person like. If they like nightclubs, invite them for a party, not in theater. Let that meeting be as something what happened with destiny, not by your assistance. It will look more natural and you will not hurt dignity of your friend.

Imagine yourself on this place, what you would not like, that someone feels sorry for you. Indeed single persons have freedom and space. Treat them with respect, not with condolence, because nobody dies.

Friendly masquerade

Meeting new people is awesome. You learn about various things through different opinions. Friendship is trade of values and special experience. No matter are that friends real or virtual, are they from your city or even out of your country, every friend is new lesson in your life. If you are optimist then you believe that you met friend for a lifetime. If you think different, something  tells you that other person will take an advantage from you. Simply, someone will screw you. 

If you wish to avoid “i told you” opinion, little guideline will help you to recognize person under mask, before he shows real face.

What kind of friendships are the most suspicious?

Friendship at first sight.

When someone calls you “my bestie” after few days of hangout, something is wrong in the air.

Friendship connected with bottle.

These are drinking buddies. If you drink together, it doesn’t mean he is your best buddy. He is someone who will bring beer for party.

Inherited friend.

Someone you know because your father was great friend with his father. They would be happy that their children associate, but it is not always smart idea.

Cashier  friend.

This is someone who needs you to give him money. Every time when he has financial troubles, he calls your number.

Lover in background.

If you are woman, and he is a man, he could use friendship as an excuse. You decide is that good for you.

Business partner.

He is someone who ask business connection. If you are successful or rich, you will have lot of such friends.

Sex hunter.

You are the most successful guy in your team? Girls always seek for you? Other boys also want their piece of cake. They wish to go on parties with you, because you know the best cheeks.

Word friendship is easy as prostitute. People will use it for many purposes, but what is in real background? Make a test. If you always drive your friend at work, tell him that your car need new tires. Tell him to pay for gasoline. If you need money, ask your debtor, so you will see the answer. If you ask for business opportunity, wait until your friend make success. Then ask him to help you in progress. People are surprised when roles are changed. It is great when you catch people for your purposes. Once, when someone needs something from you, when you need to return favor, things are different. 

Real friends will be beside you without questions. In this example, Lara learnt about her friends.

Lara and her cousin Valerie were rivals from childhood. Simply, they could not stand each other. By mistake, Valerie got letter which was made for guy , Lara’s crush. Valerie read this in front of her friends, and they were laughing at content. Lara was ashamed, because this guy was her secret desire. She needed friends in that time, because it was uncomfortable in school, when everyone laughed. So, Lara had three friends, Diane, Andrea and Sarah.  Diane supported her immediately. She even told to Valerie that she is not cousin and that she is disgrace for her family. Andrea was quiet, she did not want to involve. Sarah laughed together with Valeria, she wanted to be with someone who is popular, and Valerie was popular. 

How do you know can you count on your friends? Betrayal is possible for many reasons, because people have price. They will make treason because of popularity, money or love. They will revenge if they think you don’t treat them properly. In this masquerade, you might get surprised by real face under cover. 

Fake friendship has three main characteristics.

It happens suddenly, and it finish suddenly.

This kind of friend seeks revenge after friendship breaks.

Fake friend will gossip you as you never existed. 

Real friend is loyal, honest and patient. Real friend knows that people are made with faults. Someone who truly cares about you will not turn you back on the first sign of trouble. Word which connect friends is togetherness. We are in all this together, because we are friends. 

Claws of feminism

Recently i visited very useful seminar. The topic was equality of genders. This word “equality” was wrong from the start. Men and women can’t be equal never, because we were built from various DNA. What we should do is to gain mutual respect.

Marilyn Monroe said : “I don’t care if this is men world, as long i can be woman in it.” That is the truth, that we can’t run from one extremity to others, just to prove that women are worthy. When you say about feminism to men, they will see woman with mustaches, lesbian, with legs as Maradona and sharp voice. They will make jokes about this and i can’t say that they don’t have right.

I like to cook dinner for my man, but also i like when he is preparing lunch for me. I don’t have wishes to drive truck or to change tire. I will shave my legs and i will put makeup, but i don’t expect that he will shave his legs or chests for me. Also i have no desires for wrestling with other women who wish to approach to my man. 

We are women and that is what men likes about us, that they can feel as men. This also doesn’t mean that we are slaves or servants to our men. I earn my money and i don’t expect that man will work for me. We will share this money and pay our bills together. I have opinion which is not equal to his opinion, but it doesn’t mean that i need to shut up and stand up when he is in the same room with me. I will not confirm his attitude if i disagree with this. Also i don’t have to yell if he is not agree with me. I like football matches and we don’t have conflicts about TV channels, because soap operas are something what i really hate. Also i will not cry in the moment when Leonardo di Caprio on Titanic is drowning to save life of Kate Winslet. Maybe this is romantic movie, but for me is pathetic, and if someone expect from me to cry as sign of my femininity, that is wrong. As my man doesn’t need to slap desk with his fist to prove that he is real man.

We came out from the cave but we don’t need to copy each other, to change our natural characteristic for the sake of so called equality. The worst rebel is talking bad about men. What will some women do? They will consider men as pigs and swines. As, not so long time ago, men considered women as sheep or cows.

Indeed, man is mirror of his woman. If you complain that your man doesn’t want to wash dishes or to help you with kids, that is your problem. You taught him to stay away from your dishes and from your kids, because you know the best. Or, you really chose man who doesn’t have idea that his role in marriage is not just to bring money or make love with his wife.

Differences between genders are battlefield, and we should not act like soldiers. Don’t fall in claws of feminism because it will be other face of chauvinism. You complain that man abuse you or you are victim of harassment? Don’t do to others what you don’t wish they do to you.