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5 ways how to deal with playboy


When Bryan walked into room, every woman has eyes on him. He was charming, talking with everyone and had nice words for all. Until the end of the year, Bryan slept with many women from his workplace. He broke hearts, but still all wanted to be with him. Stella had big decision, to catch him for herself. He should be only hers.

That kind of plan is draft when you wish to catch playboy. Some boys will wonder, why their rude, promiscuous and nasty friends change girlfriends so fast, and they barely find someone to date? On other side, women will ask how to stop playboy and how to be the last station for him?

So, you crush in him, and he has many affairs. He is nice with you, he gives you chances, but soon you realize that you are only number and that you can’t stop him. 

In this case, women do some basic mistakes. If you wish to stop playboy, don’t do this:

Don’t try to prove him that you are special. He will notice by himself.

Don’t insist to date with him if he already say no.

Don’t use sex as weapon. He is on familiar ground.

Don’t let him to use you for his purposes. Men ego could be very big. Once he realize that you love him, he might play with you.

Don’t confirm all what he says. He doesn’t need shadow.

How Stella caught Bryan at the end, it was mystery which everyone wanted to know. She was ordinary woman, not so pretty, older than him but smart. She found his weak spots, that he wanted someone who will treat him as human, not as sex object. He did not want woman who will cut wrists because of him. He wanted someone who will be enough cool not to call him every day but still support him in everything. Until other women skipped intro, Stella wanted to know all about him . They wanted to catch him for bed or for marriage, but Stella first focused to deserve his trust. She was arguing with him to prove that she is not impressed by his sweet appearance. 

You will be surprised maybe, but men are also in fear that women will use them. Women can use men for money, sex and selfish interests, the same as men do. Just, women are more complicated. You will understand very soon when guy wish to use you for sex, but men will understand slow how they were used, when woman drag him into marriage from interest. Until you found out, you are already around table with your mother in law who ask you to taste her domestic cake. 

What are basic fears of all playboys?

She will catch me with pregnancy.

She will make jealous scene in publicity.

I could not get rid of her.

She will make suicide and i will be responsible.

Her friends will gossip me and i will be crucified as jerk.

Too much experience is burden as lack of experience. In second case, you walk through the dark, in first case you are blind from too much light. When man have sex with too much women, all are the same for him and he doesn’t make difference. 

What are signs that guy is playboy?

He will seduce all kind of women. Ugly, pretty, young and old.

He will talk sweet with everyone.

His compliments are copy paste. “Your eyes are dangerous. ” How many times you heard this?

Every girl knows story about him. No, they are not jealous on you, they wish to warn you.

He will say that he had no luck and that women hurt him. He is broken every month and he asks for comfort.

If you expect that he will totally change, you are wrong. He will be faithful to you, but you will close one eye to his love reminders. Every time when some girl will smile in his presence, you don’t need to start questions. Playboy is someone who will be accepted, not transformed. He decided in one moment to stop his way of life, because he got tired. This is kind of journey. You are travelling without pause , but then you see safe harbor and you wish to stay. This happens in moment when you feel peace in soul and when you don’t afraid of sharing. Your fear is now different, this is fear of losing something valuable.

Bryan got wife and small daughter and he found new sense. All this sexy girls from his past became irrelevant because they had nothing to give him more. He was even afraid not to lose Stella. 

Some naive women think that they are better than others, chosen or benefited. In fact, they only came in the right moment . He was too old, too tired or ready to settle down. The main thing was that he insisted to stay with particular woman. She could be his friend from childhood, office mate or neighbor, but she was his last chapter. 

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How to seduce playgirl?


Women talk about players. Those are guys who are educated to break your heart. If you see another angle of this story, some women are also players. As much they afraid of playboy, men should be careful with playgirls. Do you think that new age brings us this news? No, women are players from the beginning of history. Cleopatra, empress Sissi, Anne Boleyn, they were players. They knew old skills, how to play with men when you wish to accomplish your aim, or if you want revenge. 

Where are roots of woman’s game? 

Helen was born as good girl. Her father was the best person in this world. Gentle, kind and emotional father, role model for every daughter. Helen raised with beliefs that every man is like her father. She entered in man world totally unready. Her first love was from high school, but he never noticed her. She needed experience so she started relation with first guy who fall in love in her, He grabbed her as trophy, She believed that is love, but later she did not liked him anymore. That moment she felt some bitterness, because she was with guy who was only comfort, for another she could not get. In next stage, few years later, she wanted to lose virginity with guy from college. He was not good lover and she was disappointed. Instead of him, she lost her innocence with another guy. Helen did not had normal relations. She wanted stars and she collected dust. She was loser in the eyes of playboys, but winner in the eyes of desperate, lonely guys. Helen spent collection of her feelings in this games. She did not know what is passion, what is love, and what is habit. She became player until she met her future husband. He gave her hand and drag her out from this hell. When Helen got married, she found another passion. Her husband was busy manager and she needed company. She opened internet profile and started to play with guys in virtual space. Here we go again, her past was here, just in computer. New faces, but with the same background. This parallel world was repeating of her emotional past. Why that happened? Because Helen was prisoner of past, bullied by black devil called temptation. As long Helen could not face with her problem, she will play. She loves her husband but she loves the game too. At least, she did not touch anyone. She pick guys who lives in another countries and she uses fake name. She is unreachable and covered by her secret. 

Men are intrigated by playgirls. Some men hate playgirls because this is man right to fuck and leave. This is not natural that woman leave guy after sex . This guy must be a pussy, who can let this happens. In the name of masculinity, men will not spare playgirls of their cruelty. They will gossip playgirls, beat them even physically and try to break them. What is worst, another women will gather against playgirl, to destroy her. She is shame for all women.

If you think that playgirl is a hoe, that she looks like Sharon Stone in “Basic instinct” and that she is too stupid to think, you are wrong. This kind of woman is very smart. She is doing regulary job, she looks normal even without makeup and she is very respectful. She separates her passion and her duties. She is cold minded. Such woman can steal your man if she wish. 

Every man has fantasy about naughty girl. Men will not make fantasies about polite, shy woman. They will dream about woman who will make them slave. This is only dream, because in reality nobody would let woman to make him servant. 

How to seduce playgirl?

Yes, she has her weak spots.

Listen her because her ego is very big. 

It means not only listen what she is talking, comment this with knowledge. If she loves football, read about football. Otherwise she will think about you as pussy.

Don’t be aggressive.

She will dominate and she will give first sign if she wants you.

If she rejects you, run . 

She can’t stand persistant men.

Be her friend at first. 

She is the one who uses men and she doesn’t need someone who will make love with her first night, if she decided to change herself.

Don’t show jealousy.

Playgirl is popular. She is friend of many men. Try not to notice this, be cold toward his rivals and make a victory.

Make her laugh.

She needs guy with sense for humour. She likes to have fun.

Are you sure that you wish to spend life with playgirl? If you imagined that your wife will just confirm your words and cook meals in silence, playgirl is not for you. You must be phlegmatic, but smart man who will find out how to control her. You know what Helen’s husband said when she confessed her games on internet? He said that he will leave her and play around, too. It was iced warning which made her without reply. 

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Treat lady like a whore (and opposite)


This old proverb found place in minds of some men who like to control every woman. Cheap opposite psychology is their way to seduce woman who is not obey to them on a way they wished.

Imagine dominant, conservative man who has raised in family under father’s authority, where woman role was to take care of children and to do house work, while man was earning money. Her opinion was not important, also it was not desirable that she is much educated, because devil could posses her brain. I talk about Harry ( name is changed as i always protect my “muses”). Harry raised in big family, with 6 children. She was middle son, lived in poor conditions, without money and education. Harry is bright, not limited man, but very stubborn and bossy. He learnt this from his father. Harry got married in early twenties, with pretty wife. Soon he got cute daughter and than troubles appeared. Harry was young, handsome, and his wife was not a slave. She had her opinion, her wishes and views. She had an attitude. Soon, Harry start to abuse her and became violent. Their marriage finished after their argument had bad end. Harry hit her with fist into eye, she was injured. That was good reason for divorce. Now, Harry sees his daughter once on month, accord court decision .

Did you expect that Harry regret his actions and became more soft? No, this trauma made him worse. He became playboy, but special kind of man who is focused on old , lonely women in fifties, even sixties. He is money hunter. As he said : “I can make every woman beautiful. Even if she is the ugliest at world, i can make her feels in heaven. ” He seduces them by sweet words , he talks on their languages because mostly they are tourists which visit his city. After few nights with him he is going forward on next one, because his business is done. Some women handle it with silence but other attack him and call him gigolo, especially after he doesn’t return him money.

He got involved with Olga, woman 20 years older than him and claimed that she raped him, but after she gave him money he changed story and treat her as his girlfriend. He doesn’t love her, but he loves power he got in his hands, to make her as slave and use her for his purposes.

As Harry is just a human, he falls in love recently. His heart shown him way to woman near his ages, who doesn’t want to obey to his wishes and who make joke of his traditional , rigid values. She was mocking him and even insulting, so she became real challenge for him. Problem is, that woman is married and she can’t be his love. Harry dreams about her , he even offered her to visit him, but she rejected his offer as cheap attempt to join into his circle of poor, used women.

How Harry treat his ex wife, and how he treats Olga? Olga is old slutty woman, in a mood to have sex with everyone because her quote is “life is short. ” Harry gave her kind of honor by appearing with her on public places. How he treats his ex wife, mother of his daughter? He was beating her and lied to police that she falls on stairs. If you mention his ex ,he will got mad and say that her character is not good. If you talk about Olga, he will say that Olga is not bad, even Olga is old slut and pay for sex with money to young guys as Harry.

His values are distorted, as he treats lady as whore, and whore as lady, just to save his power and raise his ego.

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Do you understand body language?

Chemistry is something what you can’t fake. Sparks are visible from the plane, and vibrations travel free, without control. Body language is universal language of humans. Wrong translation can get you into problems.
If someone make a quiz, to guess which people are indeed couples, you can guess it by some marks. 
They look each other in the eyes, and touch randomly, without plan. 
They smile a lot, because of mutual impression.
They are arguing about small things. 
They did not notice how much time they spent on the same place.
They are cleaning each other. You will move bread crumbs from his shirt, he will wipe small glitch of chocolate from your lips.
When people try to hide relation, or problematic past relation, they will control their reactions. This is an opposite effect, because all what you would do in contact with this person is now contrary. For example, you would say hello and shake hands on the street, but now you will turn on your head and walk faster, because you don’t want to remind yourself on former relationship.
Angela had painful relation with guy who cheated her. After some time, she found new boyfriend Darren.  They visited local event. There was Pete, her ex boyfriend. She was in panic. She wanted to leave, but Darren asked for a reason. Angela wanted to sit more far, and Darren noticed that she is nervous. Pete was looking in her direction, and Angela was looking at him too, with grumpy expression at face. Darren got the point, he asked her about Pete. Men are available to feel when someone is in mind of their girlfriends. They feel hunter’s instinct, and you can be silent and cold outside, but they will feel what is wrong. Their pride and masculinity will make simple equation. It means , their relation is attacked from outside.
If you feel something for someone who doesn’t know this, or you wish forgiveness from ex love, words are not enough and effective in every case. Actions and body language will show you way.
Some ideas:
Make a smile, move on when she is passing and offer her free chair.
If she is waiting in the line, tell her she can wait in front of you. You have time and she is in rush.
If she is mocked by other girls or guys, be brave and tell her that she has right. Or she is amazing and misunderstood.
Use internet. Make a post with something what she likes. Her favorite song, lyric, movie. 
Direct approach is not always desirable. You can lose potential girlfriend if you are too pushy, too persistent or you  suffocate her. She needs choice. How she might choose if she can’t breath?
As quote says :
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Do you value your special people?

Would you trade diamond for bunch of stones? Would you trade your present girlfriend for few adventures with other women? If you can say yes, you are person who doesn’t recognize real values. Quality system is something what makes your life worthy. If you sacrifice some personal pleasures for real thing, your priorities are high and that makes you special. Quantity is just collection of numbers, no matter do you have hundred friends who doesn’t give shit for you, or you stuck into short affairs with easy women.
When Norman was little boy, he had cute parrot, as pet. That parrot died after 2 years, and parents said to him: “We will buy you new bird. ” Norman cried and he said he doesn’t want new bird, because he loved this parrot and nothing can replace her. His brother Matthew said that he wants new bird, because old one was noisy and it is not big loss, as he said, bird is bird and there is no difference. Later, that two guys found girlfriends. Norman get married fast, after college, with his girlfriend Edith, who was his love from school days. Matthew is still single, and he has instant relations, because woman is woman, and if he fails in one attempt, soon another will take her place.
Problem with people who doesn’t recognize real values is in their actions, where they unintentionally hurt others. Sometimes, such person will find valuable love or friend, but he will not recognize diamond. Another problem is, superficial people will get fooled easily.
If your life values are based on quantity, you will get next stuffs:
Many adventures with hot sex, but without love.
Many acquaintances, but not real friends.
Many invitations for party, but nobody will listen your problems because they don’t care.
Lot of opportunities for jobs, but without chance for permanent salary, because you have no stability to stay on one place.
Easy going life looks beautiful on first sight, but if you look under surface, there is much emptiness. This is as big box for Christmas, when you open this golden stuff, inside is just small toy or few candies. The fact is, when we appreciate real values, we will pay price. Superficial people are not ready to pay price because it takes much efforts and kind of pain. Why should he try to get this woman when she is so hard to get? Other women are in front of him , ready to jump in his lap.
Diamonds are not for everyone, some of us deserve bunch of stones because it is easier to deal with stones. You don’t have to pay much attention on them, as on diamonds. If you get bored with stones, just throw them away. Don’t regret later that you had life, but you did not live as you supposed. Game with stones is more expensive than you think.
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We are all hooligans sometimes

This is not just a story about football, or politics. This is story about emotions. Nowadays all are talking about freedom, free choice, personal rights. In the same time, these days are more censored situations and more limited rules than ever.

Shortly, in football match Croatia won Island with 2:0 result. Next part was celebration. Defender Joe Šimunić, popular called as crazy Joe, invited publicity to sing in the name of victory. And he said loudly :”For home we are ready.” People followed him with noise, and nothing would not be weird, but this words were declared as greetings of fascism. 

Joe explained later that he did not have any purpose of hate, he talked about love of his country, about warm home and emotions were in his heart. For those who doesn’t know, message “For home we are ready ” was slogan in World War II, favorite by ustasha, Croatian Revolutionary Movement. This movement supported Nazis. So words made by Joe left wrong impression. In complete “for home we are ready announced”  means admiration to Ante Pavelić, leader of ustashas.

Poor Joe failed and he was subject even in Croatian parliament. But police did not made the report and basically, there is no proof that he did something wrong as criminal act. He got punishment, out of game 8 months. Meanwhile his career as player finished and today he is part of Croatian expert football team, as coach adviser.

Let’s look at background of this event.

Football is harsh game, and football supporters are always loud, sometimes aggressive and vulgar. This is such a sport and emotions are present on every important match. We are not watching ballet “Swan lake” of Pjotr Iljič Čajkovski. If we are going to watch ballet dance, then we will be polite and watch out our behavior. Football is game of nerves, and the most important by effect thing in the world. 

Personally i heard many bad words at stadium anytime when is football match, and it became routine.  Many countries on this world have something to shame about in their past, because history is written by war and humans. We are here for the future. If you hear inappropriate words by young people, they just express rebellion. Mostly they have no idea about history , they just copy “bad guys” style.

Also, nobody see that people followed Joe and that all stadium were singing. Yes, he was clumsy and he could avoid this situation, but he had no bad intention. He is not politician, he is just footballer. This is not Oscar Academy Award , this is just football match. 

If we must express our happiness or sadness accord some rules, where is democracy then? Should we judge systems without freedom of rights before we prove that we have free hands when we are talking? If you look at every dirty word which people yell on matches, you might consider all as hooligans. I was swearing and yelling too. I was whistling and i was joined to supporters song.  So i was hooligan too.

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How we get over immature romances?

Fall in love every day, every week, every month. This sparks shine around you and butterflies in your belly are dancing. If you feel this, you are teenager. Your heart is roller coaster, it jumps up and down and you never know who is next. Your soulmates are changing so soon that you don’t remember their names.
This kind of love has next symptoms:
Every attractive person is potential partner.
You don’t know how much it will last. Probably until next month. 
You can’t stay faithful. Too much challenges are around.
Your breakups are ugly and dramatic. 
Words “i love you” are so often, as “good morning.”
During years we are collecting experience, personal dramas and pieces of broken heart. In this process we are learning about disappointments, rejections and denials, our tears are sharp teachers and our heart is silent pupil. We recognize fake fantasies from real values, and maturity is a book with many chapters about love, loss and pain.
When mature person falls in love, it will not be so easy. Years and years of loneliness taught us that not everyone is worthy of trust. Every time when new guy knocks on our door, we will turn on our movie from past and alarm will ring in the case of doubts. That is why woman in forties is more cautious than girl in twenties.
How mature person falls in love?
She will say no very easy, if certain man is not accord her standards.
She will not run from bed to bed, unless she did not decide to collect only adventures.
She will not expect big love after one night stand.
She will not be jealous on any girlfriend from past, or on any female friends. She knows where she is standing for.
She will not expect that amazing guy changes her life. She do it by herself.
Now, this wild girl is wise woman. She has many stories behind her, and she reads between lines. She can advice her daughter, friends or anybody else about love. She is not bitter and frustrated, she is just careful. That is why some guys run away from young girls and decide about more mature women. She will not complain about everything because she knows much about life. This updating love story is more bulletproof than previous, because she has been already there.
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When you fall in love in chicken man

Love stories are unpredictable, Cupid arrows hit unknown targets and in relations are possible with many various combinations. You can see people on first sight, and think: “How they finished together?” When you scratch under surface, you will understand why some couples split very fast, and why others are inseparable. 

One of bad combinations is relation between weak man and strong woman. No, i don’t think about relation between wrestler woman and man who dance ballet, i talk about their characters. It would be natural that man is firm, bold and stable, and that woman can count on him. Especially if woman is sensible, fragile and gentle lady, that kind of man would be great match for her. Sometimes, life plays cruel games, and strong woman will involve with milksop. 

If you think that this is relation where woman rule, you are wrong. This woman has many problems because such man is unstable, undecided and unable to take important decisions.

What would be milksop?

You can recognize him in few steps.

He asks from you to pay your bill when you are in coffee bar.

He expect that you drive him in your car. If he lives in another country, you should take a plane and fly to meet with him.

If his friends don’t like you, try not to upset them. They are so important to him , and their opinion can bury you.

If someone attack you, he will runaway, so you will deal with your enemy alone.

If his mother don’t like you, try to please her wishes. He is usually favorite son and masterpiece of his mother.

He is usually passive, so if you need to take decision, he will let it to you.

In such relation, woman is usually abandoned in her beliefs and she feels alone. This relation is boat, and you will drive this boat, if you quit, you will drown together with your milksop. He can disappoint you even in bed, because as real puppy he will expect that you make him horny. The best thing you can do is to wake him up. Leave him somewhere in unknown city to see will he find way out. Let he goes out with your aggressive brother or friend, to see how he can handle this.

This kind of men you can often meet in virtual world. They will create many pages , they are romantic on first sight, they use sweet words and nice approach, but if you expect action from them, you are on wrong address. They expect granny with cookies, because they are unable to do significant steps. 

What can happen to them is to meet much older woman who will be kind of mother for them. On such way they can continue with lazy life, where they don’t need to do nothing, because everything will be done for them. They need big bear who will carry them as little kids, because they are made from sensitive materials. Lioness use too much hard ways and it can ruin their peaceful life.

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Strategies in love relations

What is love without fantasies and strategies? Sometimes it is real race, and we compete who will win. Men are simple, they give us simple signals. If man says “i like you”, he likes you. If he wants to marry you, he will ask you.

Many women are misguided by thinking that men give us double signals. Maybe when they are teenagers and immature, until they have no experience. Little kid will tease girl because he likes her. When mature man wants to seduce woman, she will know it because he will clear expose his intentions.

Women are different. Indeed our nature is more confusing. That is theory of seducing, how we seduce man by words . We want to give them message, that we are not easy and that they must work hard to get us.

Girl likes guy and he invites her for a date.

Possible answers:

i don’t know for today, but i will let you know soon

– now i am busy , i will tell you later

– yes i will go with you, but don’t take it as relation immediately

– maybe

– ask me again and you will know

Games are made by women. 

When guy asks for sex, then game goes to higher level.

Women will reply:

i am not ready

– i have headache

– it is not the right time

– if you are serious, you will wait

– do you want to take advantage?

– do you love me?

Women will hesitate, make excuses,  buy time to get a guy for long relation. Every woman has game with more levels. The one who pass all levels wins award.

Bad player will quit in first step. Average player will try and give up. But the best players will be resistant until they got a score. It also depends about wishes and expectations. Some guys are lazy and they will rather choose more available woman, because they think their odds are better if they play on safe. Others will deal with challenges, no matter how much time they need. Man with experience will not give up on the first sight.

So what kind of player you want? 

If you deal with little boy, he is insecure and it is easy to break him. Some women like to play teacher and student game, because they feel superior in this situation. Weakness of this game is that you never know what to expect, and soon as he will get bored, you will lose. When two people are not on equal level, it is hard to make harmony.  Follower must take a step to be closer. Breakup is here when one person stayed on first level, and other is already far away on level 50. 

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How to collaborate with beasts?

This world is not perfect place. When you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you, that is indeed source of happiness. Unfortunately, it is not always like this, and life will put you into unpleasant situations. Sometimes, you will be rabbit in the forest, and wolves will seek you as good trophy.
How many times you collaborated with guy who can’t stand you? Did you have neighbor who is rude every time you met him? You must work with ex boyfriend? This kind of situation are as taste of fish oil, bitter in your mouth, but you must digest this.
If you are flexible and mature person, you will make balance between your feeling inside and your official approach.
What to do when you are forced to deal with nasty , boomer person at work?
Stay calm. Any loss of nerves is point for your opponent.
Be formal. Don’t try to be smarmy or don’t act like coward. Your ex maybe scares you, but don’t feed him with your fear.
Smile and stay positive. Smile will upset him, because it makes you a winner.
Give him material for gossips. Talk loud at phone about something what makes you happy.
Be silent and make a memory. Next time, when this person will ask something from you, make a prank.
Recently i got new office mate who is very unpleasant. I tried all to approach her, but she decided that she doesn’t like me. In the morning i say good morning, at the end of work time, i say bye. That is all our conversation and i don’t want to force her or beg for more. After all, this talks about her manners and education. I made also small revenge so i told her that  client asked for her, even he asked to talk with me. She was annoyed with long phone call, and i was smiling quietly. Let she taste her own medicine.
When you talk with your parents, sister, best friend, you are in good atmosphere. They courage you, you get respect, love and appreciation. With unpleasant people, with your enemies and rivals, you will be in the company of beasts. They will also give you something good. You will learn how strong and calm are you, and how you handle critics. You will learn about your tolerance and your fighting skills. Imagine how much is strange if you must work with ex husband or wife. Or, if you have common friend who invited you at the same birthday party. You will pretend that everything is all right, and deep inside of you fire will burn, ready to destroy your system.
Immature and weak person will lost nerves, start to yell or cry . Remember your childhood, did you ever play on playground with other children who were nasty to you? Maybe they slap you or hit with ball, and you came at home in tears. Now, this is not playground. This is your workplace or another space where you must cooperate with beasts. Your choice is to survive,or they will tear you.