Tears don’t lie

In past times knights with swords were heroes, they fought for honor of fragile princesses while they were powerless , waiting for a help. Girl with golden hair, trapped in tower use her long hair for prince who climbed to save her. In such stories, beautiful women used strong weapon – their tears. If you […]

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Life in matrix

  We talk about free human rights in every opportunity, but society is made in matrix. Even someone wants to fit in, standing out will be better solution if you follow your instinct. At first sight is cool to fit between your friends or colleagues, but if you feel ridiculous or uncomfortable , this feeling […]

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I am all ear

  We are surrounded by cell phones, computers, i-phones and other gadgets , which distract our attention. If you ask for a friend who will listen to you, that is hard task. As much gadgets became great tools to avoid someone, in other hand we are their prisoners. Imagine when you traveled by bus or […]

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Material for marriage

  Compliments are cure for ego. Every person likes to be the best and especially better from competition. Women will wear best clothes and shoes to be noticed. Men will drive expensive cars to increase their odds. In this big race, the main question is, how to find material for marriage? How to recognize person […]

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Emotional bill

Many single women will face it with difficult question: “Who cares for me?” No matter are you recently in single status or you search for partner a long time, emptiness is your follower and you are victim of other people who look at you with condolence or even mockery. If you ask single women how […]

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Crossing the line

Imagine yourself behind fence. On this fence is sign ” do not disturb”. Would it dare you to cross the line? Or, you would respect that alert, waiting for someone to open the gate? Human relations are games between walls and fences. Everything is good until person is happy, talkative and in good mood, but […]

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Romantic mediator

It is not easy to be in the middle of two people, especially if they are couple. If you got this duty to hold side for someone, this position is ungrateful. Did you have experience with your desperate friend who asked you to help her with her relation, because she can’t bear this pain anymore? […]

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