Material for marriage



Compliments are cure for ego. Every person likes to be the best and especially better from competition. Women will wear best clothes and shoes to be noticed. Men will drive expensive cars to increase their odds. In this big race, the main question is, how to find material for marriage?
How to recognize person who is worthy to spend the rest of our life with us?
If you are woman, you will relate with this situation. Saturday night, and you are going out in club with your friends. I will assume that you are single and pretty. If you are young, or if you look younger, your chances are better, for first impression. Let’s see statistic. About 15-10 men will approach you to offer you drink. Half of them are jerks who just ask for fast sex.
How to recognize their intentions?
Guy x will approach you to ask for dance. If you say yes, he will try to touch sensitive parts of your body, or ask for dark corners in the club. If you accept , he will try to kiss you in this corner or to take you into car. Also, he will offer you more and more drinks, because alcohol will kill your sobriety. If you accept this, if you make love with him in his car, next day he will not call you. If you ask why, he “lost” your number. With intention.
Now, what happen with other 50% guys?
25% guys will talk with you, without intentions to touch you. They care about their reputation and they want something more than hot affair. You will get number , he will ask for your number and next day he will call you. This is not guarantee that you are invited on super date. Maybe guy is boring, jerk or simply not the right one. But it is worthy of try, if he left good first impression.
25% other guys are taken or cocky. You noticed them, but they did not noticed you. If you stare at him all night, and he did not noticed you, don’t try to approach him. You don’t want to be ashamed or to make his ego big? So, stay away.
Now, in this group, can you find candidate for relation and later marriage?
Let’s assume that you are dating from guy about one month. He start to push you to make love with him, he is rushing like he will tomorrow die. If you like this, you can take a risk. But if you don’t like this, and you do this just to please his wishes, be sure that relation is going to the end. He will not award you for one night of sweating. He might got his score and runaway.
When friends asked Anthea why she chose Gilles for her husband , even she rejected some more handsome guys, she answered this:
“He can handle all conflicts with me without raising his voice. He makes me calm. He makes me ashamed even he never insults me, because, when i do something wrong, i just see this expression in his eyes. We share desk and bed, and he can taste all my meals without complaining. I regret when i make him angry, because i feel like i break diamond. We are smiling together as little kids. He is not the most handsome, he started to lose his hair, but i adore him. I can see myself how i am getting old, without fear.
The truth is, women will get sex easier, and guys have better odds for relation. Women who use guys as toys are in minority. You will not often hear guys who are used for sex by women. Even if this happens, they will not cry. They will have only broken ego, because it makes them less men.
At first you must know what is your priority. If you ask husband, don’t act like slut. If you ask adventure, don’t expect that guy will propose you. Sometimes, we sent wrong signals and that is confusing men. You might flirt with his best friend to make him jealous, but he will just think bad about you, that you are girl for flirt.
Can you recognize material for marriage in your present boyfriend? If not, maybe is time to make a change. We are tailors of our private life. If you can’t make suit from that material, buy it somewhere else.

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