Temporary distance

  Quarrels are part of every relation. Until you are fighting and arguing, your relation is alive. Both sides want compromise, want to progress, to run for better situation. Even you are swearing, still you care about your partner because you want to prove him something. Quarrels are process of learning. On this point i […]

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Distrust-voluntary prison

Between trust and foolishness is thin line. If you believe to everyone, you are ideal target for manipulation and cheaters. If you look at world with four eyes and walk on the street as gun is behind your back, you are paranoid. What we need is balance, how to draw boundaries between fair and unfair […]

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Blank space

Good recipe for successful relation is in healthy dose of absence. If you don’t spend 24 hours a day with your partner, if you don’t follow him everywhere, he will miss you. Let he wonder where are you, what are you doing and sparks will be around all the time. Weekend time is often subject […]

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Naughty girls do it better

Once upon a time Croatian singer Sanja Doležal had a song ” good girls go to paradise, bad girls go where they want.” This pop song described whole situation about women behavior. Big selection in women world starts from childhood. Good girl has always nice dress, she is tidy, decent and usually silent, she talks […]

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Obssessed lovers

Remember how your beloved partner ran for you in the start of your relation? Your heart beats and your are trembling because situation is unpredictable, will he call? Deep sigh, now phone is ringing and you can sleep well, you can learn for an exam because he loves you. With years, love can melt as […]

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    Carpe diem, enjoy until you can, use you time in complete way. Live with full lungs. Saturday night came and Kate is going out. She will drink and have sex with her boyfriend. After that she will eat pizza. Sounds like heaven for hedonists. Her plans went wrong. She was sick from too […]

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The impossible love choices

    Sparks are in the air and our heart made choice. Every romantic soul will say: “Listen the sound of your heart. Heart know the best.” The heart is not always wise and choices made by heart are not always in harmony with logic. We can fall in love as teenagers or mature persons, […]

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How to treat the unstable lover?

If you say to someone:”Do it now, otherwise I will go away”, it means force or blackmail. You might reach your purpose, but the person will feel bad. Nobody loves chains and sooner or later, if you squeeze person too much, you will lose. In life, and especially in love, option “let it go” is […]

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The dirty side of love

Follow your heart is an old advice. It means listen what your feelings talk to you. Just, words from the heart can be very confusing, with double meaning. What if we love one person, and our healthy mind say that is not the right one for us? Heart and mind are not always in harmony. […]

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A wasted love

When we love, the sky is under our feet. This is kind of feeling when we believe that we can get any score and fly without wings. What happens when our love is not mutual and if this love is discarded because of someone else? Sandy talked about Kevin, the guy who is on the […]

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