Man from parody


When man is alone, he will be frustrated with failed romances. How to seduce special woman? This question will ask many guys, in hope to get lucky. If you wish to get attention of woman, make a balance between romance and reality. Romantic stories and movies will often give wrong perception about women needs and wishes. If you watched some romantic scenes, they will include Gypsies with violins, flowers and balloons, and woman who cries from happiness. Well, we are not all like that, to fall on banal tricks. If movie was a parody, there would be woman with potatoes, to hit such guy from the corner, because his skills of courtship are so old fashioned. What is the biggest defeat of man? That woman will make a fool from him. 

Here are some important things which every guy needs to check before declare his love.

Check is that woman single. You don’t wish to have business with angry husband.

Check her past, maybe she broke relation before few days, and you will not be welcome.

Check her mood, maybe she is sad, she lost dear person recently or she is angry because of some reason in her private life.

Act with style. Be romantic, but not pathetic.

Check what kind of woman is she. If she is elegant and sophisticated, don’t go on date with dirty shoes. If she is natural and spontaneous, wild woman, don’t be artificial as guy from the shop-window. Different types of woman ask for different men.

What kind of mistakes many men do?

Their problem is to make line between hard and soft. There is no need to act as savage guy, but also women don’t like too gentle guys. It is kind of gay, and woman will choose you to go to the shopping with her if you are sweet guy, but she will not invite you in her bed. 

Also, problem appears when guy is clumsy. Don’t sing if your voice sound bad, don’t write letter if your grammar is awful, don’t dance if you will ruin feet of your partner. 

Don’t pretend that you are something what you are not. Fake footballer of fake singer will be exposed very soon, and you will be clown.

Don’t be persistent if you got no as answer. Gentleman will know when is time to give up.

When Mallory opened the door, she was unpleasantly surprised. Steve, guy next door gave her bunch of flowers and her husband stayed behind her. She asked to guy what is this, and he said to her that she is chosen as the most beautiful neighbor. Her husband was furious and flowers finished at the garbage. 

Few special rules for virtual space.

Don’t make close contact with woman who is married and her husband is on her social network. He can have password.

Don’t spam inbox if woman did not reply on your message.

Don’t check woman where is she if she was not active some time. You are not policeman neither her husband. 

Don’t make desperate public statuses about her. She will runaway, if she did not delete you already.

Even it looks simple to approach some woman, some guys will walk in totally wrong direction. Turn around and go on the right path, otherwise you will stay as desperate actor in romantic comedy, alone on the road.


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