Why we pick the wrong partners before we meet the right one?

Three guys, one woman, three different opinions. As it says, opinions are like asses, everyone has one, isn’t it? Also, shall we discuss tastes? It is difficult to explain someone why you pick certain man, in the case they wondering for a reason. I like men with beard, you like men with long hair, I like muscles, you like this body and so on. As with character, I like strong men on distance, and you like romantic guys who will kiss floor where you are walking. That is opinion, brand which you owe and sometimes it will fall under the influence of others, but if you care about your opinion, you will save it in original shape.
Women often wonder why guys did not pick them, because it would be the logical choice. Why not me, she is ugly, stupid, without sense for fashion, without charm, they will say. Also, guys will defend their decision and choices and if he did not pick you, be sure, he will not change his mind because you are spreading rumors about his girlfriend or try to insult her public.
The trouble happens when you pick a guy who doesn’t see the real you, something that you wish that he sees in you. Some choices are blind. You see this handsome guy and sex is great, but you can’t have peace from conflicts, because you are so different that harmony has no place in your relationship. Or, you like this woman, but somehow, you don’t see yourself with her in togetherness.
Here are some examples of wrong connection:
Open minded woman will hard seduce a traditional man. 
He is devoted to his family, society and religious norms, so he will take this woman as a mistress, but not as fiance or wife. As it simply says: “I take you in my bed, but you stay away from my parents. “
A weak man will hardly handle a woman with strong attitude.
If he is coward, if he is dependable of others, a strong woman will get into his nerves. She will remind him of everything he did not dare or do, and he will blame her for every problem in possible relation.
Material girl will never marry for the poor man.
If she likes money, wealth and comfortable life, she will not accept to share a home with a man and his parents because he doesn’t owe own flat.
Too young man will have problems to build future with an older woman.
Age differences are some of the hardest, especially if a woman is older 10 years or more. If you have no patience and you think there is a lot of opportunities forward you, this relation will not survive.
People are similar to shoes.
When you have a pair of shoes, they must be the same, just one is left, other is right. If you match different shoes, you will have troubles with walking.
As in this story. Romina wanted to be with Brad, but he just wanted an adventure with her. As he said, she was a good chick, but not for long relation, because he thought she is slutty. He was totally unfair because of his insecurities he did not see that Romina wanted only him, not other guys who were around her. Then Romina met Dylan and he was her match because he was not jealous as Brad, he had skills of listening and he was enough self-confidence to make difference between slut and girl who only asked the right guy for her.
The biggest insult which you might get from a guy is that you are a bad woman. You are maybe bad for him, but nobody forces him to stay in your company. Right words would be that you don’t match and that you crush in darkness. In the daily light, you saw your real faces and you did not like it. What is shit for someone, that is diamond for another person?

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