The relationship in the background


Substitutes are not good even in food. I mean, eat industrial soup instead of domestic soup is not the same. Or try apple pie from McDonald’s instead of grandma’s pie. That is simply not the original thing.

As in life, there are situations when people want to put you in the background, to be second violin, or even third or fourth. If I use football language, I will say that you sit on the bench waiting for the whistle to run into the match. But there is a possibility that main star in this team will always be the first choice, so you will get tired of sitting.

That is the role of mistress, lover or popularly called a slut.  Wait for a call and be ready when he is free.

For him, you don’t have birthday, holidays, you have no feelings, you don’t cry, not smile, you are just waiting for his call to spread legs when he wants. Even sex will not be romantic, he might hurry on a business meeting or he must pick up a kid from the school because he is husband and father at first.

Every woman who can accept this is a very stupid woman. I mean, there are more wonderful things how to spend time, than to suffer because of a man who doesn’t know your value. Read a favorite book, listen to music or find a hobby where you will express yourself.

No, the mistress is not a special one. Every one of us can get this offer. 

The man who got bored in his marriage, the man who dreams about divorce but it will never happen, a man in midlife crises. But that trap is only for naive ones. This is a story for an insecure woman who thinks that she doesn’t deserve better. Also, some women are used to be alone and they will accept this offer because of their physical needs, but they will not make obligations toward their partners. Still, his wife will wash and iron his underwear and he will eat her meals. That can be humiliated position even for a man because he plays the role of sex slave or toy.

I was very harsh when I got such offer, which made me laugh. That transparent offer got my denial because there is no more pathetic thing than to be someone second choice. If I can’t play in the first league, I will not play in second or third. Neither in a playoff.

The second league is for players who lost their values, or their price falls down. So better to be out of the match with such bad coach.

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