Naughty girls do it better


Once upon a time Croatian singer Sanja Doležal had a song ” good girls go to paradise, bad girls go where they want.” This pop song described whole situation about women behavior.

Big selection in women world starts from childhood. Good girl has always nice dress, she is tidy, decent and usually silent, she talks only when someone ask her to answer. She will not play with boys in the playground, she will not make fights with other kids and she will be beloved daughter of her mother. Bad kiddo will fight with boys because she is interested on plastic guns more than for Barbie dolls. Later you can see bad girl how she is reading Alan Ford and smiling. Bad girl will cry and laugh loud, and her mother will have troubles because she is full of surprises.

As teenager, good girl will be still a virgin. She will wait husband until she will make love first time. She saved herself for first wedding night. Bad girl will change boys because she is restless and wild and she want to collect experience before she settles down in marriage.


Since good girl were a role model all the time, we can expect a reward. Good and devoted husband. Well mannered kids. Harmony in marriage. But, surprise, that is not what always happens. Barbara was really good wife. She was cooking as chef, her house was clean as drugstore, and she had always elegant clothes as a lady. She used to prepare dinner and her guests were selected only from good families and with good reputation. Her husband Hank was very proud on her. It was almost a fairy tale. One day Barbara appeared with black eye, she apologized to her friends that she slipped and fall in front of her house. After few weeks, Barbara has arm in bondage. All were curious what is happening. Hank had dirty secret, he was cheating Barbara with call girls and he spent huge money so whole family was in financial troubles. When Barbara complaint that she had no more money for college of their daughter Mona, he got mad and push her, she fall and hit her head. She was wounded, and he repeated this again. Later they divorced, and Barbara could not understand why this happened to them. She was good wife, she was devoted, faithful, woman from guidance, as example how wife should be. The only thing she did not accept is to have sexual experiments with her husband. She was well mannered and she could not agree with this.

The step between good and bad is not big. Nobody say that woman should be a slut, neither virgin. The problem is, when they expect award for being so good and pure. They think that bad things are not happening to good people. Woman was raped? She was bad. Woman was cheated? Yes she was bad too. 

You can be pure as angel and still you will not avoid troubles. Bad guy and good woman are not rare combination. Good and innocent woman can be very nice target for bad guys. They know all tricks, and innocent and inexperienced woman will be an excellent match for them, to cover their activities. 

That is why path of so called good girls is limited.

 If you are so good that you can’t allow yourself any form of freedom, you will maybe go to heaven and paradise, but you will not go to place where you want to go. Maybe you will not visit your parents without permission of your husband, you will not go with friends in coffee bar and for sure you will not wear provocative clothes, short skirts and high heels. You are decent woman, and that clothes is for sluts, isn’t it?


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