I like you but i don’t love you



I love your eyes, i love your smile, i love the way you talk and walk. Those words are blessings for our ears, but what is in the background of it?

Word love is not cheap promise, kind of flattering or answer on any question. If your partner get mad on you, you will not say i love you, as an apology for your bad acts. This word cannot jump everywhere as pop up, because it will lose meaning with time.

When teenager fall in love, he will use words i love you as a chance to have sex with his girlfriend. How could she deny guy who loves her?

In fact, many guys will use this words as trick, like in joke. I will walk with you to see the stars and moonlight, and now, do you want sex with me? This can be cheap showtime for naive girls who are hungry for love.

Right words in this situation should be i like you. That is what guy means when he rush with his offers for sex, as he will die tomorrow or the end of world is coming to catch him unready.

When you really love someone, you will not say this on the first date, because you don’t want misunderstandings. This words can obligate you to do something what you are not ready for.

Also, if you love your partner, you will accept different opinions, choices or attitudes. Your woman or your man is not only beautiful and handsome. They are people with personalities. Dolls are cute and they are not talking or expressing their opinions. If you treat woman as Barbie doll, you have wrong attitude. She is not here only to please your wishes, to cook dinner and wash laundry, or to smile because you like her smiley face.

When you meet someone and he wants to express feelings toward you, right sentence would be “I really like you.” After some time you will know is this real love. Something happens that we really like this person, but we realize that love is impossible act.

Some people are passengers. They will walk through our life, we will smile and cry with them, but in the end they will leave, because their spot is not marked as it should be. It doesn’t fit in your heart, as wrong piece of puzzle. You want to get marry and he is not ready. You want to have children and he doesn’t like children. 


Unfortunately, we can be blind in love relation. Great sex, wonderful words, expensive things which he can give us, we will think that is proof of love. Under this curtain is emptiness and immaturity. First time when you will have conflict with your partner you will see how are things indeed. If you get out from every problem with positive result, you are progressing in relation. But if every fight with your partner make a big distance, this is sign to let it go.

You will complain and he will say “you can leave me if you are not happy.”

He shows you the door. Get out and don’t turn back.


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