Joker lady


Never mix power of manipulation with real love. This mistake is typicall for women, when they think that man who always come back indeed love them. If he is so loving, why he would leave at first time? He just cuddle his ego by knowledge that he has joker lady who will always wait for him.

Love is unconditional and many time it doesn’t matter is beloved man loves you or not. His pieces are enough for you, the way how he smiled to you, how he looked at you or said something nice, even this might not true, this is good manifestation in our heart. This stupid heart will make event from small , usual action, because he did it. He posted on Facebook that he likes blondes, wow maybe it is related to you? He borrowed cell phone from you because he did not have credit , and you are so happy that he asked you favor, not some other girl. He liked something what you posted, even it was your status “have a nice day”, but it was him.

We women are sensitive creatures and it is not hard to touch woman’s heart. If you are young, inexperienced, or if you had problem with guys and he suddenly appeared in your life with sweet smile , he has big chances to make you as his doll. Yes, i sound rough, but some guys are able to do it, without remorse that they might use someone. They will build their ego by joker ladies, because of different reasons.

Why someone would build ego with you?

He wants admiration of other guys, especially if you are pretty woman.

He wants revenge to his ex girl.

He wants to play and you are good as submissive toy.

He wants to learn on you, how to approach to other women, who are bigger interest for him. If he fails with you, small toy, how he will act with bigger toys?

Joker lady often finish alone. She did not get what she wanted, but she is not rushing to find something bigger. She will cry in lonely room for guy who sometimes called her. She will live with his mother and talk in the evening about subject of love, how she is too good for this cruel man’s world. 

Sad thing is, just small change of attitude, just eyes wide open could make her future different. That is why i appreciate guys who knows when to say goodbye. In the moment when guy said goodbye to you, he expressed his respect. He set you free from role of joker lady. 


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