Greetings from the bottom


Smart person is always step forward. It means, this person think about results of present actions and she can predict possible consequences. One Croatian quote says : “don’t go with throat to pick strawberries”. It considers hasty actions, without thinking.

Here is a little test, and if your answer on this question is yes, you are hasty person.

Did you drink until you did not collapsed?

Did you stay at party until early morning, even you had work next day?

Did you slapped someone with fist, even you knew person will call police?

Did you have sex without protection, with stranger?

Did you drive with unknown person, as hitchhiker?

Spontaneous acts are interesting, but if you don’t think forward, you might regret what you did. 

Once when damage is here , you must face it with failures. If you spend all salary before next payment, you will ask for money and it will be unpleasant to beg friend for some coins. What is worse, the main damage starts when you involve others in your problems. 

Alice was bad pupil and her parents were worried, because she was on a way to lose year in high school. They registered her in school in another city, but travel expenses were big. Alice hardly accepted changes and it cost them so much money, before she finished her basic education. She almost take them into misery.

When you act hasty, this is similar as drowning. You try to catch hands, and you drag others with you. Surprise, not all people are so generous, so some will refuse to help you.  Then you will knock on every door, but your friends will runaway from you. Misery is as bad disease, it spreads very fast, and nobody wants to be a victim. 

What to do when you reach the bottom, by your guilt?

Remote movie of your life, and go back to the start. If you get big money debts, find a job to return money.

Apologize to all people who were involved in your troubles, and try to make compensation.

Once when you get lucky with anything, don’t forget those who helped you.

Share your gain with friends.

Spontaneous acts are for smart people, who can predict will they win or lose. Life is as investment in stocks. If you see those who are in good position at market, call until it is time. Nothing is safe and sometimes you will lose. If you are unreasonable, if you don’t have backup plan, you will always lose. When you see expression of face from your dearest people, you will be more at ground. Think about how much you disappointed your parents, sister, your husband. This feeling is unbearable. 

Think about life as walk on the rain. It is nice without umbrella, but you will get at home wet and you can get cold. Why you should expose yourself to some loss, if you have safe plan? 


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