Unwrapped happiness

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Happiness is inside of us. Ask yourself a question what makes you happy and your donor is in front of the mirror.

If you feel good even your favorite song will make you happy. An opposite, if you drown in your personal flood , full of negative thoughts, new Mercedes will not bring you happiness.

It is wrong thinking that everything will be solved if you find love. Bunch of people are in relations, but still they are not complete happy. Partner can be big source of happiness, but if you ask something different than he gives to you, all is in vain.

Happiness is a system. Try to remember what made you happy all these years, what was reason that you felt happy yesterday and what makes you smile before one hour.

You can be happy even if others are miserable, because this is in human nature. Think about how this things can make you happy.

Your terrible boss is sick?

Your ex girlfriend got 20 kilograms on weight and she is not attractive anymore?

Your business rival collapsed in financial debts.

What made us miserable is obstacle to our present happiness. Remove this obstacles and you will get blank space. Ok, now you don’t hate anyone because they got what they deserve, so justice is done, but how to fill this empty space?

Try to find new job.

Date with new girls.

Build your own business success.

Wrong recipe for happiness is to copy others. Something what was work out on others is not suitable for you. This is as you try to wear clothes from your best friend. She looks stunning, but you look average or it simply doesn’t fit you.

Your happiness is still unwrapped. You have potential, hidden somewhere, but you don’t know how to reveal this. 

See your first steps:

Remove all things what makes you grumpy, angry or sad.

Associate with positive people, they can inspire you. 

Don’t copy, learn and develop your potentials.

Forget past mistakes and bitterness. 

If you swallow frustrations every day, you can’t breath.

Break some rules. 

It means, don’t go against law, but you have no duties to do what others are talking to you. Advices about morality or habits of society are not your obligations. 

Act accord your principles and your wishes.

Say no to those who make limits or obstacles to you.

Deal with patience.

Hope for the best, expect the worst.


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