How we hurt ourselves?


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We used to say that someone hurt us or make us miserable. This is not completely true, because if you are hurted, there is connection between your reaction and act of that person. If you cut of that connection, there is no harm.

What makes us depressed, hurt or sad? 


How we hurt ourselves, even without knowing that we are doing this?

Friendship with wrong people. 

Are you in company with those who underestimate you or make jokes with you? Your best friend is grumpy person and his presence make you grumpy too?

Wrong choice of life partner. 

You fall in love in someone and then you found out that person can’t make you happy. You will not be happy until you change your choice.

Wrong choice of profession or job. 

Your parents had ambitions and you became engineer even you did not want it. Now you feel frustrations inside of you.

Wrong priorities. 

You are constantly at pressure, so other’s wishes are in front of your wishes. In fact you live this life for others, not for yourself.


This is your own abyss , which you made between your dreams and reality. You did your sacrifice for the sake of others. Maybe you could be successful in some other area, but your family feel more comfortable if you work on place near home, with safe salary, even you get bored and you are not progressing at all.

If you look inside of you, you will find black map. Your frustrations are inside of you, and others are just messengers. Did someone force you or push you to live such life? That was your choice, because you are afraid of risk or simply you don’t like cuts or changes. This feeling is as from the other side of mirror. If you remove all obstacles and fears, you will see yourself as person you might be. Now you can stop blame others for your failures. 

You can find thousand ways to hurt yourself, even you are not aware of this

It’s start from black thought. This doubt is inside of you, suspicious seed is here and now it waits for good ground. Then you can meet person who will confirm your doubts. No you are not able to do this, you can’t do this. This words will be your mantra. One failure, and see what i am talking about? You can’t progress, as you predicted, and your friend will confirm that was all in vain.

People around you are not always good, with right intentions. Just, you are the one who choose your company. So associate with those who will rise your standards, to compete with them on good way. Your coach will be strong person, not someone who only knows how to complain.

At least, if you want someone who will push you, let it be forward, not in background.


2 thoughts on “How we hurt ourselves?

  1. Someone once defined non-clinical anxiety for me as, “experiencing failure in advance.” We enact a future that hasn’t happened yet, and amplify the worst possible outcomes … then wonder why we aren’t more successful or happy.

    Maybe visualizing the best possible outcomes before they happen is an effective way to push ourselves to actually create those results.

    I’m happy I discovered your thoughtful blog today.

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