Circle of pain



When sun is shining, everybody are here to see golden glow. After dark clouds appears on the sky, only rare people will stand on the rain. The same is with grief or sadness. You gather many friends who will laugh with you and share joy. This moment when you stuck into trouble , people will runaway as rats from sinking ship. That is rough picture of this society, that selfishness will take place, and solidarity is on the background, hidden somewhere as rare treasure.

In this moment you can see your true friends. Where are now those who lend money from you, who gave you compliments and celebrate every joy with you? Now you are not their role model, you are only human with weakness and maybe they are disappointed because you exposed your wounds. 

Friend in need is friend indeed. Strong people are gathering in hard times. Today is storm, but tomorrow will be sun. Don’t forget who holds your umbrella until is raining. Also don’t forget who escaped as rat on the first sign of thunder.

When we are weak on particular person or habits, this is risk factor. You love him and as much you are genius for many things, your addiction is source of stupidity.

Sandy graduated with excellent marks and found good job as lawyer. She was working for international department and she was appreciated. Also she was good daughter to her parents and respectable friend. In this perfection, she had only one black spot, her lover Ronald. Friends complaint about her choice because guy was rude, filthy, primitive and he even public humiliate her. Once he came during her business meeting because she said something to his friend day before. He was yelling on her in front of important clients. They did not talk for a weeks, but Sandy forgave him. The same story was repeating again and again, until Sandy find new boyfriend. Yet Sandy is not stable when she meets Ronald. Her heart is beating fast, and only one his hint would be enough to drag her in the bed. Her present boyfriend Clive is not stupid and he cares for Sandy with caution. His biggest moment was when he slapped Ronald, in the moment when she wanted to talk with Sandy in private. Sandy was sad and angry in the same time. 

We will do same mistakes because failure is challenge. Do you ask yourself, why you are successful and loved by many, but not from few people you wish to be? Some persons spend all life to prove to others that they are worthy. 

Do you think you should upgrade yourself to glow for someone who did not appreciate you? 

This is very wrong. Remember, for person X you will always be just a number. X is idiot with small standards. He rides horse, he doesn’t need Rolls Royce. Good news are, for other people, from A to Z, you will be the best choice. Ronald still think that Sandy is bad woman with devilish character. The problem is, wrong people will often pay because of your previous scars. You will blame world that is not fair because you have been in this trap. 

Don’t risk bigger loss because of someone who is not worthy. This is small stain in your life, but it will be bigger if you lose someone who is really important. This pain circle should be closed once forever by your own will. Otherwise, you will never be happy.


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