Endless story

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Some situations in life stay unsolved forever. Unfinished college, unhappy love relation, betrayal in friendship. Stories marked with words “to be continued” or “stay awake” are the most dangerous, because fake hope will fly over us, as star dust, without real value.

Things we always wanted and could not get, person who stuck in our heart even we broke up a long time ago, these are wounds which will bleed from time to time, again. Even time is healing everything, bad reminders will jump out from the corner when we last expect this.

Sarah split with her boyfriend after a year. She got a job a month after this painful cut, in the right time. She dedicated herself to her work , without thinking of anything else. She collected pieces and did good success at her career . It was good period in her life, finally everything got sense. That morning, she was walking with coffee to go , walking fast not to get late at work. As usual, she gave her purse to check the main door , and then she noticed a new security guy . Her firm employed someone new, and that new employer was her ex boyfriend. She could not breath, and she almost fainted. Destiny made cruel game, to remind her on failed relation. 

When we realize that our wishes will not become true?

Is it happen in the moment when we get NO as answer, or in the moment when we face it with this again, after another attempt?

What is indeed source of frustration and why?

Job where we could not get progress. Other did it, even some people we don’t like it. We must watch it every day.

Partner who never loved us. It is not easy, when you see your ex beloved man or woman, with other partners, how they cherish them, and they treated you bad.

Loss of money, invested in failed project. Stock which lost their value. Maybe you still pay this debt.

Few things are sure:

You don’t stop think about your unfilled wishes when others say no, or when this fails.

You can’t recover from your defeat until you think about revenge, paycheck or another chance.

Living in a past stops you to enter into better future.

Endless story finish when you catch new, better opportunity. Women are, for example, often competition to each other. So if person A suffered for man who is not so handsome, she will be happy if she catch handsome man in future. So that she can smile to her rival, because, at least, she finished with that ugly one who broke her heart, because she was created for someone better.

Human psychology is created from endless stories. Definition of end is not always standard. Sometimes we will define this end by new beginning. Or sometimes we will be forced to finish. In any case, such stories are slow poison, so don’t drink it.


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