The open relationship


If you ask for a middle solution between being single and being in relation, you will choose open relation. This is something like diet, you can eat but in a way that you stay half hungry and frustrated.

Sometimes people are powerless in the circle of such relations. They have no courage and strength to get out from unhappy relation so they decide to give more freedom to their partner. Extreme form of that is swinging, but in that case partners have really open mind and nobody get hurt.

Really, what happens when two people in love decide to have open relation?

Some rules:

1. no jealousy

2. both partners can do what they want

3. no judgment later

4. if they wish, they can split

5. no feeling of guilt

6. no revenge, because there is a deal

What is easy in theory is very hard to practice. Sally and Dan decided to have such form of relation. They were together for a years so routine and boredom swallowed them. In their marriage were no children, Sally get fat, and Dan became one of men who spent time in front of TV screen with beer. But still Dan was good looking man. So they went to wedding party and there Dan was dancing with other women and he had great fun. Sally was exposed to questions of mutual friends, she felt humiliated and ashamed, especially when one pretty young woman kissed Dan in publicity. Then Sally made scene, she spill juice over her, and Dan only said : “But we had deal.” So Sally realized that breakup is blessing in compare with open relation. If they were not together, she would not feel such humiliation.

If you can’t handle someone other with your partner, don’t accept that devil’s offer called the open relationship. You will lose calmness and pride. You can’t hold your partner by giving him or her freedom to do what they want. It is like you feed dog when he bites you. That partner will lose respect toward you, you will be lame in his eyes, because you drown in own fraud. 

When you break a relationship, this is the end and you are a free person, a new door will open to you. When you accept the open relationship, this is not the end and you can lose your partner and chances to find new person are smaller, because you will create mess.

What to do now, are you single or not, and who is that guy with you, is that your boyfriend?

So, cut every connection if that destroys you. The relationship is an obligation, and in the case of open relationship, this is not a connection which obligates. This is just an empty space where you can drown. You will swim on dry ground waiting for a savior to help you. How you will explain to third person that you are in kind of relation where partner cheats you and you still have feelings toward him? 


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