Sound of intuition

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There is something you need to do and suddenly you know how. You have no skills and knowledge about certain thing, but something whisper in your ear that you are on good way. That is voice of intuition. Psychologist Gary Klein said that 90% critical decisions we bring on the basic of intuition.

When we are on crossroad, intuition is additional feeling we can lean on. How many time we heard “my feeling inside never lie” or “i felt something is wrong” or ” i had this signal that everything will be ok. “

Previous signs can warn us before some bad events. You are going on journey but somehow you feel unpleasent pain in the stomach. You can’t explain the source of it and how it happens, but it follows you all the time. Dorothy was travelling in Spain. On beach Costa Brava she lost her money and documents, indeed someone stole her purse. She was swimming and when she came back her things just disappeared. She had big problems to cross the border and to came back into her country, policemen stopped her , she took photos for new temporary document because she had no passport. And when she finally back into her country, she spent lot of money to make new documents. She remembered that she felt upseted without special reason before she came to Spain. Her friends were happy , they were singing in their car, but Dorothy was grumpy all the time, like devil obsessed her. 

Intuition is joker in our pocket. When you ignore this, you will remember later what you felt. For sure, there is no logical explanation why you felt confused , sad or angry. Why we don’t like some people at first sight, and why we are smiling in contact with others, even they are not familiar to us?

If you lean on intuition, other’s can laugh to you. You do against common sense and there is no background for this. I will invest this money because i have good feeling? Gamblers will lean on intuition , they will say “i knew i will get money.” You are buying stocks? Inutition can be your guideline. You bet on horse race? Yes this horse will win, you feel this.

Some parapsychologists talk about intuition as paranormal activity, because it can’t be explained by logic. Why you did this when it was not expected from you? For example, teacher can say that he trust to his student, even he did not show special level of knowledge. One day this guy pass exam with excellent mark, even nobody expected this. Teacher had intuition, he trusted to his abilities without special reason.

Women will say that they feel if partner is cheating them. Woman intuition is powerful weapon. Simply you know that your husband is faithful or not. This is like you read between lines, that you can see something what other’s cannot see. 

Unexpected events will be explained by acts of intuition. Things went in other direction. Maybe we ignored signs. 


Pain in stomach.

Black thoughts.

Joy you can’t explain.

Weird dream. 

You are calling someone at phone, and you don’t know why you did it.

Stella had wedding plans. For few months she should marry for her fiance Glen. She dreamed unusual dream. She was in wedding gown, but face of  bridegroom was dark. She did not see who is next to her. Few months later Glen broke their relation, and for few years Stella get married for another man. It was message of her dream, but she did not paid attention.

There are many examples when people will say ” i should listen this voice inside of me” or ” it was obviously but i did not see this.” Even we are used to deny intuition , it will follow us anyway. Later we can be grateful or regret because we ignored this.


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