A story about the bullying


That girl comes to the classroom and on her chair was a snail. Most others were laughing because she almost sits on it. The other day someone stole her notebook with homework and she had a hard time to explain teacher where she lost it.

During few months, bullying repeated in all possible ways. She was indeed different, quiet but smart and she read books which others did not even hear about it. Marcel Proust, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Albert Camus were her favorite writers, and other children avoided them as cholera.

The girl had problems with public appearance, her voice would tremble,  hands were shaking and it was a big joke for all who watched her in her environment. Soon, in her small city was a rumor that she became from the devil, that she is not normal and that she needs to go to shrink. Even though the girl was normal, just society was sick, she was in minority. It was the age of social changes in Eastern Europe and teachers had a theory that we all are equal. There was no time for stupidities, as for example to talk with children about their depressions and internal issues. What, depression is an illusion of capitalist society, and here is a battle for survival, we must think how to work and earn, we have no understanding of any childish fears.

It was very wrong because this school in the small city was heaven for bullying. Guys started to touch and beat that girl, once they plucked her hair, and then she went to the headmaster. Lucky, the headmaster was a woman with other ideas so she punished guys in the classroom. 

Until the end of elementary school, that girl had problems. She had headaches and she went to doctor on examination. Her EEG result was not good and the doctor asked does someone hit her into the head. It was a classic example of child abuse and mockery, but nobody suggested a therapist, because in ex Yugoslavia this was the unknown term, something as a magician with a rabbit in the hat. She got some vitamins and silence.

Time has passed and she was happy when all this ended. She got the opportunity to study in another city. Her wounds have healed, but she never forgot what bullies did to her. They invited her to prom for 10 anniversary but she pretends she did not see an envelope with the invitation, just she put that in garbage box.


Bullying is not a childish game, not a joke, and for sure it is not funny. It starts with teasing and ends with scarves, later such person can have big problems in private life and at work because nobody helped her when was a time. 


Signs of bullying:

insults about the physical look

– stealing things 

– touching, pinching without approval

– humiliation in public

– making group, associated with the aim to abuse particular person

Also, the bully can be girl or boy, there is no difference. It is enough that bully has support and power from others, and the party can start. 

Turn around, maybe such bully is near you, and you did not pay attention. Next time it would happen to your daughter or son, and if someone considers it as a joke, it will not be funny for you.


2 thoughts on “A story about the bullying

  1. We do need to grow up and pay attention to how we live our lives. Children learn aggressive behaviours from adults, as well. I have seen grown people complain about bullying and yet do that to others. People want to be treated with respect but they do the counterproductive thing and treat others in a demeaning way. Unfair and imbalanced but there is a lot of that in the world.

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