Transparent happiness



Streets are full of couples who are kissing and cuddling in front of others. Go in tram or bus and there are also love birds who expose their feelings to everyone. Smile reveals happiness. Or not? What you see is only show for publicity, and if you could scratch under surface, you would find some not so nice details of their love story.

When Marco and Olivia were dating, they used to go in local pub, in their best edition. Olivia was in red dress and high heels, and Marco in leather jacket and dark sunny glasses. It was impossible not to notice them, especially because Marco would open door, take chair for his girlfriend and with charming smile he would pass her to sit first. Then he would ask for a waiter to bring them expensive drink, and usually he paid with big tips. Everyone was envious, especially girls, because he was very handsome, and she was glamorous and noble.  One day two best friends, Beth and Sally were in the middle of gossip. That favorite couple came and Beth start to whisper : “Do you know i have his number? We had flirt last Saturday, in his car. ” Sally said this was impossible, but Beth shown his number, saved in cell phone. Beth said also : “It is not all my dear. He is cheating her a long time ago. I am surprised that you don’t know this. No wonder, she is so artificial. He is with her because she is rich and popular. “

Some couples are expert in hiding their real story. I had neighbors who were fighting every night, their voices had echo, and they trade not so nice words. He was idiot and she was pig, in this arguments they did not make compliments. For publicity, they were honey and bunny. She and he were walking together with smiles on face, holding their hands and whispering as nobody exist, except them.

What is under so called perfect love stories?

Nobody is perfect, so arguments and mistakes are part of love. That is not a sin and couples who can pass over conflicts are usually long lasting couples, they grow with their burden and experience. 

But, sometimes couples may hide not so nice secret.

They are together, but they cheat each other.

They are together because of unsolved financial problems.

They are together because of children.

They are together because he or she doesn’t want divorce.

Happiness is sometimes as transparent bag. Nice package on first sight, but when you look deep inside, there is dust. Maybe you can see even rat. Couples will try to hide their problems because of reputation, status or they care too much what will other people think about them.

Happiness is fragile when you build this on fragile basic. Like house of glass, until someone or something doesn’t break windows, it will last with deadline.


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