4 illusions about happiness



“I wish to be happy. ” How many times you said or heard this request? Happiness is a follower of power, so when we are happy we can reach impossible goals. Simply, this wind in the back is a motivator, and we are safe, whatever we do, it will be in right direction.

Here is a big catch. Many people are lazy and comfortable, so they can’t recognize happiness as a reward at the end of hard work or a crown of pain. So, you wish to avoid obstacles and just grab your happiness? 

Close your eyes and think about misleads, how much your perception of happiness is wrong.

You would never believe that these elements are indeed basic of happiness.


This is a situation where you try hard, and something is always on your way. Obstacles are here, and someone will always steal carpet under your feet. You will fall and fall.


You had a loss. You lost job, friends, love. Still, you don’t realize that is part of future happiness.

Lack of justice.

Your neighbor is rich, and he doesn’t deserve this? Why not you? Because you did not finish your task.


Every happy person had some defeats in his life. Famous people should be born under a lucky star, but facts show different. Remember, Einstein had a bad mark in maths. Bill Gates did not finish formal education. Marilyn Monroe never got Oscar.


You hate your rivals, but they are more useful than friends. Why? Because critics will move you forward, not compliments. The best coach for happiness is the person who underestimates you. You need to stay awake, and compliments will make you sleepy.

People will mix happiness with superstition, and some will believe that only chosen one will reach happiness.

The most often misleads about happiness are about sources. Happiness is not market, especially not for sale.Happiness is state of mind, and if you can’t be happy with yourself, other things will not make you happy. An opposite, you will bring bad luck.

What do people think? 

The money will bring you happiness.

Maybe you are rich, but the bad investment will make you poor. I know a man who got a big inheritance and he spent all of the settings.

Your lover will bring you happiness.

If you give your partner so big burden, you will judge him if he makes you cry. 

Your religion will make you happy.

If you expect from God to make you happy, you are wrong. Your religion must come from the heart, God is not here to please you.

Your children will make you happy.

Children are the biggest wealth, but you are here to guide them. If you have no sober and healthy mind, you are a bad role model.

The biggest fault of all people who expect a gift of happiness is in their approach. They wait for Granny with cookies. That is syndrome when a person doesn’t want to do anything to change the situation. That person just expects ring on the door, and someone will great news. “Oh, you won the lottery!” “Dear, you are the love of my life. Come here, i will make you happy. “

If you don’t see word “work” in your perception of happiness, you live in illusion. You might feel nice on your cloud, but jump at the ground will be fatal for you. Don’t break your bones. Don’t say “i am cursed”, because that is the result of your thinking.


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