Bad romance

Clint and Isabel were walking on the beach in summer evening. They knew each other about one month, and Clint hold her hand to pick moment for his crucial words. That words were : ” I want to have sex with you.” Isabel was disappointed but she did not wanted to spoil evening, and she replied: “I thought it will be special and romantic moment when our souls and body will connect into one. ” Clint said: ” You can see moon and the stars, and now let’s fuck.” 

In this example is very easy to recognize a jerk. As much Clint was rude or ruthless, he said honestly what he wants, even he forgot good manners. When men want to have sex with some women, they will use more sophisticated ways to enter in your private area, and it is not easy to make difference between jerk and gentleman.

Here is the list of pranks which men use to have sex with women.

Promises about serious relation or even marriage. If you will sleep with me, i am yours forever.

Break the ice. That is old trick, when man say ” i think we will not be so tense after sex”, he is rushing situation. He wants to collect more women as trophies.

You are so special for me that i must make love with you immediately. You attract me too much. If woman is so special, man will afraid not to hurt her on a way to put her under pressure.

I will show you how much i love you this night. I will do amazing things to your body. 

Hot night full of passion is not guaranteed for deep feelings. What he says or do after this is more important.

I think that you don’t like me or don’t love me as you said, otherwise you would sleep with me.

Emotional blackmail is powerful weapon. Now you feel guilty, bad bitch doesn’t want to give him what he wish.

I want to forget my ex girlfriend and until we don’t do sex, i still think about her.

Memories are nasty thing, but you don’t want to be his upgraded lover. 

Relation is mutual decision, as everything else what exist between you and your boyfriend. If you feel you are ready to make love, you will do this because you decided this with your own brain. If you feel that you have no trust in him, if you are not ready, beware of his persistent actions. How would he feel that you force him every day to visit your parents and to have lunch with them? That is situation when you might feel unpleasant. It is not matter about time, love is not calculator. If you are ready after one week, one month or one year is not important, basic thing is state of your mind and heart. Otherwise, you could feel as you are in mislead. 

Which are wrong reasons to have sex?

You were under stress because of important exam or situation at work so you slept with this guy.

He was persistent, he was begging you so you slept with him.

You wanted to make your best friend jealous, it was her ex boyfriend, and she was always so cocky that she deserved lesson.

You are last virgin in your circle of friends. Now, you are not anymore, they will not make jokes about your purity anymore.

You wanted to show your friends or parents that you are mature. One step to your maturity was that you make sex with stranger.

Your boyfriend wanted to split relation with you. Now, you offered him sex, he accepted so he will not leave you.

No matter if you use sex as tool of manipulation, guilt or self confidence, that reasons are wrong way to get someone’s heart. 

Now, what jerk from the beginning of this story said? He shown to his girlfriend moon and stars at the summer beach so he expected his paycheck. The same is with every woman who use sex on different purpose, and neither of that purposes is not love. Women also expect paycheck after hot night, not in a form of money, more they wish to be safe from frauds.

If you are sure in his love, that safety will come spontaneously. You will not put yourself in position to ask, search, beg or force. He will call you and you will make plans with him together. In this story, sex is crown of love, not kind of crime trial. Who is guilty, guy who told you lies, or you who were naive? 

In real love this question is not necessary.


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