Romantic vengeance


In the moment when someone hurts you, fire will go out through your ears. You will think just how to make paycheck and hurt for return. These situations are imminence. There will be always person who will not like you or provoke you from clear pleasure. What is important, that is your reaction where you don’t wish to harm yourself.

Love is very sensitive area when we talk about vengeance. Does love vengeance make sense? You can’t bring person back, because you would shit in your own mouth. Talking bad about person, then bring him back, that is just another chance for more pain. True solution is “i don’t care ” option.

I remember the guy who hurt me, before many years. He was ignorant and bad lover too. The soon i realized that he can’t make me happy, i accepted this, but he left first. He did not say a word to me, he just stopped to call. One day we traveled in another city, with the same bus. Only seat next to me was empty, and he sat there. It was very strange feeling, like ghost from past tried to touch me. We were silent all the time. He tried to make question , i saw his lips are moving, he was watching me, but i had mine earphones and did not show signs that i recognized him. That was numb movie .

I remembered all bad times when i was waiting his attention and he behaved as i am the last girl in the world. Now i felt power. I wanted to laugh, but then i would enter into discussion, so i was biting my lips just not to smile. It was my test which i passed. I never heard for him again and never saw him. That ghost disappeared from my sight.

What kind of vengeance is recommended after breakup?

Head up, wear something sexy and smile.

Talk the best about your ex. All the best about dead people. 

If he tries to talk with you, make this conversation short. You are busy and he is disturbing you.

If he talks bad, ask people who is he. You don’t remember him.

If he got married, wish him the best. Or his wife, she will need luck.

Your heart is clean from ex memories when you stopped to think about activities of your ex boyfriend. This is noble revenge, and every lady will accept this burden as part of her past. When you clean flat from old things, you try to get rid of this as soon as you can. The same is with bad memories, that old movie is obstacle to make new. 

When you hold grudge in your heart, this connects you with that person, especially when you were in love. As you were connected as lovers, now you are connected as enemies. As long you don’t cut this chain, you are not free. 

Certainly, it takes time to things chills out. When you start to forget special person, suddenly your view is objective. His breath was not sweet before, but you see this now. He was idiot even when you loved him, but you realized this now. Heart makes warm space and kind of photo shop for person. Later, when you eat this cold meal, everything is less pretty. 

Mature woman will smile and walk away. Girl will stay and continue game which leads nowhere. 


3 thoughts on “Romantic vengeance

  1. Ahhh so accurately written…but yea,all women wishing to find a man who would show them that love is not that hard as it always looks like (and most of the time is).
    Shame with the anger and hate because there is like zilion men waiting out there, so walking away with a smile on your face is the best resolution at this case.
    Well written, thumbs up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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