Stuck in the moment


Our future is unpredictable. If you know how to live in the moment, stuck there until you feel good. Don’t think too much forward if you feel cozy now. 

What happens when we start with plans for next days? This future movie is running and our soul and mind will prepare on tough moments. But, they did not happen yet, and we are already under pressure. The best example how to ruin your peace and spoil your beautiful day is too think forward on your unpleasant obligations.

Heather is business woman. She works at project with deadline. Finally, she got two days free for weekend, to relax and collect her thoughts. Instead of this, she was not sleeping . She woke up in sweat and in panic. What will happen? How she can deal with this? In Monday, she came at work so tense that nobody could cooperate with her.

If you don’t appreciate present moment, this will be your destiny.

Constantly tired, because your mind can’t be calm never.

Problems with insomnia , because your nerves are always ready for breakdown.

Ready for conflicts because you are restless and nervous.

Exaggeration in everything. Small things will increase into big things. Someone can tease you, you will get offended.

Ryan is entrepreneur. He likes tennis. He plays tennis with his friends every weekend. After this he feels like new man. He is reborn. During this game, he doesn’t think about his work, clients , deadlines and lack of money. His obligations vanish and he is free man, even for a moment. What is the best, he is successful.

Imagine that you are in retirement and you can’t relax even then. Are you the one of those people who constantly stare in their cell phones, in expecting of important sms? Or you check mails from tablets, computers and laptops every minute? If your battery is low, panic is on the way. You will ask someone to lend you cell phone if yours shut down. Wow, you can miss something important, isn’t it?

When parents asked their daughter Alice how was at journey in Prague, she did not know what to say. It was planned as vacation trip. She was checking her emails all the time because she recently broke up with boyfriend and inside of her was hope, that he will maybe change his mind. So, while her friends were dancing in night clubs, she was so tense, because every sound of her cell phone was alarm that her ex will call her. It did not happen, and this vacation finished so fast. She was double sad, because it will never came back.

That is what we have, condolence and regret when we did not appreciate something on time. Hug your mother until she is healthy. Kiss your partner until he is with you. Smile when you have great day. This happiness is changing, but you don’t need to look behind her back. Stuck in your moment , the same when you make photo with your camera. 


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