Guy without feedback

Pending time is crucial part of human relations. How you deal with waiting, delays and hesitations, it shows level of your patience and state of your nerves. This is entrance to your dignity. If you are woman who is waiting, you will sometimes feel as fool. If you are man, maybe you will appreciate your partner more while you are waiting reply on your question.

Do you know how to read from silence? Or, you are chasing a wind? Some women will desperately still catch their prince, trying to translate what he wanted to say when he did not call them back. Typical scenario happens when two people are dating, and he doesn’t call again. Naive girl will ask her friends what is happening, or call him back. He will not be at home (how convenient) or his mother will tell that he is busy (probably with his remote control while he watches football match. ) 

What to do, when he doesn’t give feedback ?

Wait few days before you do anything.

If he calls after a month, tell him that you are too busy to meet with him.

If he sent his friend to talk with you, tell him you don’t have deal with friend.

If he asks for another chance, tell him that is the last. Would you like to be fooled twice?

Even women will try to make story about man who did not call, but he was so “in love”, here is not so much to discover. 

He is interested for more than flirt when:

He ask you about your daily life.

He doesn’t talk just about sex.

He doesn’t talk just about your sexy body.

He remembers some details from your previous date. For example, that coffee was extra bitter or that waiter brought juice instead of cola.

He asks you for opinion, about something what is important to him.

He talks about his family members with you.

In expectation of feedback, some women will lose trust in men. They will use legendary sentence : “All men are the same”, but they refuse to see what is their mistake. You can see with whom you are dealing, if you think objective. Sweet words might deceive you, but just for a short. Background is more important than compliments.

Here are examples of two man. Kevin wanted just flirt, and Jean wanted relation.

Kevin dated with Melinda. He took her into fancy restaurant, made compliment about her dress and paid expensive dinner. When he drove her home, he wanted to enter into her flat, for a glass of wine. Melinda rejected him, and next day he did not call her.

Jean dated with Shelly. He invited her into cinema and they were walking after movie. He made plan for next time, to watch basketball together. He had tickets, and Shelly accepted. It was just one of many dates, which Jean planned.

When guy is short-term buddy, he will:

Make a rush. He is very fast, in everything.

He will watch his phone, talk with someone while you are sitting with him, and drive you home if he got bored at date.

He will not call you back, if he is not interested.

If you call him for explanation, he will use common excuse : ” i am very busy, i have no time. “

Do you wish to judge short-term buddy? Well, are you always in relation, since you were born? As girl, for sure you did not want to get marry as teenager or you did not want to share life with first guy you met? That is the same what he is doing. Guy is not ready, he is jumping from flower to flower, as butterfly. If you wish to squeeze him, he will just runaway. Maybe is better that he doesn’t give you explanation if he is not for relation. Imagine your shame if your friends find out that he was rude to you, on public place. Or, that he did not forget ex girlfriend. Silence is very noble way in the absence of feedback. He did not tell you nothing, but you understand what he wanted to say. 


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