Shy guy – silent hunter


Hanging out with  people, especially women on date, could be problem for some men. Shy nature is kind of wall and it is not easy to break it. Superficial people will think that shy person is stupid, limited or antisocial, and such person could be victim of mockery. An opposite, person on distance created rich inner world, and not everyone is welcome there.

As little kid i was very shy. I was surrounded with extroverts who did not accept this well. They started to tease me, i was victim of bullying, but then i shown my paws and claws and everyone shut up. I was labelled with another mark : as aggressive and bad person. They did not get it why i changed. It was because they did trespass in my closed world, without my permission.

As much i prefer selective people as friends, the same is with relations. Aggressive guys were always my turn off. In my nightmare i saw man who approach me with glass of beer, try to hug me and whisper on ear how sexy i am. Next scene is my palm on his face. So, if you want that i runaway from you, just be pushy and annoying.

I have different image about people who don’t fit. There is nothing more sexy for me than mysterious guy who talks with sense. Shy guy is never easy guy, and that is his advantage. Many women will share my opinion, and they will agree that is much more interesting to capture his heart. What men might don’t know, is that women like their space and freedom of choice, the same as men like unavailable women.

Women will ask questions, how to seduce shy guy ?

Few advices:

Don’t be in center of every event. Girls who laugh loud, gossip and scream as on playground are not his type.

Don’t ask his phone number immediately when you met him. Let your conversations lead you until suitable moment.

Don’t brag about numbers of your previous boyfriends. He is shy, but he is not idiot. 

Don’t be filthy. Short skirt or too much makeup might scare him at first date. 

Society is full of prejudices about shy men. You will hear nasty names as cuckolds, pussies, girly men. That is wrong hint for other men, because many will fall on influence and act like idiots in attempts to get women. If you don’t grab woman for butt, you are not a man. If you don’t slap woman who rejected your offer to dance, you are not a man. If you stay silent when woman provoke you, you are not a man. 

Woman’s emancipation brings us different expectations. Nowadays you don’t need to play violin under someone’s window and to sing love , romantic song. Go somewhere into bar, take cigarette and talk with your friends, women will notice you by themselves. Being shy doesn’t mean to be stupid or clumsy. Some women will be grateful, because you don’t stare in every skirt in front of your nose. 

What i heard from other women who were fascinated with shy guys :

He talks confidently only with me. He doesn’t trust everyone. “

” He never talked bad about his ex women. “

” His colleague from work tried to date with him, but he politely rejected her. He said he is already taken. “

Shyness is not only sign of immaturity or youth. Mature man could also be on distance, because he is disappointed, divorced or betrayed. Never take someone’s behavior for granted, there is reason behind this. If shy guy shares private details with you, you got his trust. Isn’t it better than man who shares his privacy with everyone ?

Self confident women will often pick guy on distance, shy guy, introvert men. They are tired from macho men and aggressive playboys. They want to feel challenge of hunting. Shy guy is the best example of mysteries. You can feel as woman with him, again, because he will not force you to do something what you don’t want to do. 


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