When prince become frog



Every girl  dream about her perfect guy. Talking about Karate Kid or Terminator, we all have vision of our Prince charming. 

I remember story of my friend from childhood. She said : “I will marry in Paris. I will buy big villa and i will be rich. I don’t want to live in this small city with this village people around.”

She got pregnant when she was 17 and she married in small village , first market is one hour distance from her home and every morning she is feeding chickens and pigs. So let’s talk about fairy tales and how life make jokes with us.

When girl is young, she is inexperienced and all her visions are colorful. She cannot see fat belly, guy with lack of hair, financial problems and life with her mother in law, because it doesn’t fit in her dream about prince. No, it is not possible, that prince cannot be so boring, lazy, irresponsible and immature. He is perfect and he will solve all her life problems, because he has magic stick.

Unfortunately, man from reality has no magic stick or often he doesn’t know how to use it without women help. This prince will soon turn into frog with beer in one hand, and remote control in other. 

This fairy tale is an opposite. If girl kiss a frog in fantasy story, he would turn into prince. But here, handsome, charming guy soon become frog. What happened with guy we were dating before? The one who bought us chocolate, tickets for movies, popcorn, who danced with us at party all night? Now we can’t walk around house with him without complaining and conflicts.

If you wish to save your magic, you cannot expect that your guy will do everything for you, and that you will not move even little finger. You must help him too, let he feels like in fairy tale. He had also his vision of ideal princess, and if you are boring fat lady you will remind him on witch or Godzilla. 

We create our life stories together, hand by hand. There are no tips for magic stick. We create them alone. 


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