Who is a strong woman?


Women love to say “I am strong, I can deal with any kind of problem.” A strong woman is a fashionable word, a sign of advantage, so if you are strong you are cool and invincible.

What does it mean? A strong woman is not sumo wrestler or overweight girl who will eat you for breakfast. That is also not superwoman who can fly without wings and turn you into a frog with her magic stick. Strength is in character and behavior.

Situations will put your strength on a test so you will see are you really a hero in woman’s shape, or you are still the little baby girl.

This signs will show that woman is strong.

Financial freedom. 

If you earn your own money, you are not addicted to father or boyfriend. You can survive by yourself.

Ability to say no.

 If you know when to say no and how to get rid of undesirable men, you are strong.

Ability to break relation and to turn the new page in your life. 

Courage to stand by your attitude and not to follow the majority.

Her time is precious and she never wastes time on things which could slow down her progress.

She doesn’t wait for opportunities, she creates them.

Some wrong beliefs will support statements that strong woman is the rude, malicious or negative person. She is not the person who will cause every conflict in this world. She will just say no when a situation is not comfortable for her. She doesn’t have to be nasty if she is not interested in some men. She will choose the appropriate man for herself and she will also try to make him happy. She is not masculine or filthy, she is just firm in her decisions. 

As every human creature, she will cry in the time of sadness. What makes difference between her and weak women is that she will use the bitter experience to refill her energy. Her mistakes are not punishments, they are inspirations and lessons. 

So, when the teenage girl say “I am strong, I will survive”, is it really true or that is just an empty phrase? The strong woman is the person with experience and maturity, she is not just someone who slapped the guy because he touched her butt. 


5 thoughts on “Who is a strong woman?

  1. My definition of a strong person is any person who can face a situation with courage and do their best to act with honesty, integrity and empathy…I guess that includes the teenage girl who doesn’t want the lad thinking he can grab any girls behind just because it is there and says ‘No!’ forcefully enough for him to get the point and think twice before doing it to someone else (well, we hope so anyway!).

    Do we need years of experience before we can be considered strong? I suppose that depends on when those challenging experiences started and what we face as children, teenagers and young adults. I would consider anyone, male or female, who came out of a difficult childhood intact enough to go to college or get themselves a good job a strong person.

    Being old enough to be a grandmother myself and having faced challenges over the years I do consider myself to be a strong woman. For me, that strength has been gained with knowing how to overcome those challenges – sometimes through thinking it out, sometimes through dumb luck, sometimes through experience. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, perhaps?

    Strength comes in many forms – from the person with anxiety who makes it to the shops for the first time in a month to the person who overcomes their upbringing and conditioning and begins to think for themselves. Strength can also come from others, perhaps in the form of a stranger who buys a meal for a homeless person enabling them to live without hunger for a few hours or the child who holds their mother’s hand to comfort them in hard times.

    If we are talking from a purely feminist point of view, as in the Goddess within, then that woman is respectful (and expects the same respect back!), empathic, brave, resilent and kind. The ultimate package. It would be wonderful to think we can be all those things all of the time…can we?! *smiles*

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  2. Well this article is not feminist point of view, because i wanted to avoid just this, to make women strong as men or even stronger. This is mature point, and i think some women need years of experience to teach how to be strong and not dependable. I know woman who did not want to wash dishes alone, now she is great mother of three kids. If teenager says what she likes or not, it doesn’t mean that she will stand firm behind her words. Teen ages are period of changes and i remember myself then when i was looking what is best for me. I also made focus at financial part, because many women who are not employed will suffer abusing by their husbands, cause they have no other chances to survive.
    I agree about part of anxiety but that is special topic, not related with mine. Btw, why should not woman be respectful and brave in the same time? Strong woman knows how to make her best rating . I am surrounded with respectable men, but i gave that kind of impression so they have something to respect for. Thanks for your view.

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  3. I have only just seen your reply, it didn’t show up in my notifications, sorry!

    Oh yes, women should be respectful and brave at the same time. Respect is very important – for oneself and also towards others.

    I also agree that teenagers change their minds frequently (I have five…three are grown women now) but then so do mature women. One teenager I know had a very traumatic experience and then, a year later, went on to do a six month solo backpacking tour of Asia and Australia to purge herself of it as much as she could and gain back her confidence and self esteem. To me that shows immense strength and courage. And yes, she is strong and will survive.

    Maturity is an outlook as well as gained through experience of life and motherhood. Being a mother changes every woman.

    I like your posts on relationships. I think a lot of them are very usefull in the sense of ‘if I knew then what I know now!’ and I think they will help many people who read them.

    I wish you a wonderful day! Many blessings.

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