What we expect from virtual affairs?


Once upon a time, handsome prince kissed Sleeping Beauty and she woke up from centuries dream. When she saw him, she fell in love. That kiss was key to unlock her heart.

But if we claim today that physical touch is necessary to fall in love, we can get denials. Today,  people fall in love in front of their computers, in the person who appears on camera.


Silly, funny, immature or even sick? Or just a consequence of emptiness in real life?

We can have many answers to this question. There are more and more people who fall in love virtually.

How does it work? First, you met someone at forum, chat or any kind of social association at a social network. You feel that person has similar views and that you want to have contacted more often. Then you have the deal to the web camera. If a photo is not fake, you will have a pleasure to see your favorite person at web camera, with sound, moving and so on. Then, day by day, you are smiling and chatting, sharing all events from your life and connection is here. Virtual relation doesn’t care for real status. It doesn’t matter are you single, engaged, married..you are not eliminated from virtual love circles. So you both enjoy, even you can take step far, to make striptease show for each other. 

If you trust a person, if you have confidence, you will be so brave. Or you can fall into trap of maniac who will share your photos around to the rest of virtual community if you dare to have the conflict with him.


There is no real touch in a virtual love. 

Your senses are attached by the behavior of that person and virtual deception and breaking connection also hurt. Imagine you share your time with that handsome stranger and he made fool of you? He gossips you in front of his friends, he laughs to you under your back? Really very unpleasant. 

If you are lucky, you will make friends with your virtual lover for a lifetime. Why not, you can have a connection with the person from other country and share your ideas and views, in the way that you both complete each other. Also, one day you can meet your virtual love if you have possibilities to travel.


When you enter into virtual space, it is like you enter into a twilight zone. Never know what you can find, and be careful, because things are not like they look like. Some person needs the reality check and they forget the difference between real and virtual life. Here can be jealousy, revenge and envy, the same as in real life. And he or she doesn’t care if you have the real life. The day you accept virtual contact, you take a risk and that contact becomes a part of your reality. 


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