Walking over corpses

My coworker is getting late at work about 5 minutes. She is in panic, white in face and her voice is trembling. She afraid of punishment. I asked her where she has been at weekend. She said, i was travelling on business trip. I replied that i spent time at fresh air and she said “lucky you. ” Do i consider myself as lucky? More, i am rational and practical and i don’t let anyone to control my free time, even it could be my own nerves. 

As teenagers, we dream about success. What we wanted to be? Famous singers, writers, politicians, doctors, and when someone of us managed to accomplish aim, we are in panic and this filled dream looks like report from prison. “I will get late. ” “I will be fired. ” “I will not succeed to finish this at time, this deadline is too short. ” Life is not standing, life is passing by around people who have no time for living.

How could you define your success? 

People are jealous at you?

You are gathering with rich and other popular people?

You have a lot of money?

You wear expensive clothes and drive fast car?

Your children are attending private schools?

This is superficial view of success. Try to scratch under surface and think deeper. 

When is last time you met with your parents?

Did you talked with your sister or brother recently?

When you last time had fun?

Did you visited hospital, because you felt dizziness or high blood pressure?

Do you eat unhealthy food and make fast meals?

Did you cut all connections with everyone who did not think on the same way as you?

Marsha loves to say that she is successful and that everyone is jealous at her success. She has expensive hairdresser, she goes on vacation only on popular destinations and her friends are snobs. Her father said that she promised to visit him but she cancelled dinner with family, cause she had important business guests. She doesn’t talk with her sister for a years, cause they “lost contact. ” Her husband did not make love with her about few months, because both are busy. If you look at Marsha you will might be envious at first sight, but other view will make you pity for her. Under her expensive bra is empty heart. Recently she was sick and her husband did not want to stay at home with her , cause he had too important business project. Slowly, Marsha pays price for her walking over corpses. That unimportant people give her paycheck, she was also pushed into background.

Where is indeed real success?

People ask advices from you, because they trust you.

People invite you on birthdays, parties, common projects, because they think you are important.

You spread your circle with new acquaintances.

You reply on critics with smile.

Your ex enemies respect you.

Success is not only what you see, because if you swallow marketing, you are naive as fish who swallows bait. Real success will not erase over night. Also, real success is not limited zone only for people which you considered as suitable. Remember, nowadays almost everyone has access to social media. Maybe you underestimate Joe from South Africa because he looks poor, but he could be smart business man with deep pocket. Walking over corpses is risky move. Be careful not to slip on someone who is not dead yet. In this case, never forget the most important people in your life : your family. Once when you lose their affection, it will be really hard to persuade others that your success came on fair way. 


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