8 male illusions about women


Old habits die slowly, because they were developing for a centuries. Also, old rules based on past tradition have huge roots, and to break tradition, you must pluck this root. Fish stinks from the head.  Our view will change when we realise that things will not work out, because of wrong approach. Some men will complain that they are unhappy in love, because women constantly break their hearts, and they don’t know why this happens.

Here is list of the biggest men misleads about women:

1. treat lady as whore, and whore as lady 

You will get what you give. If you humiliate your woman, she will runaway from you. If you open your heart to untrustful woman, she will cheat you. Snake will bite you because she is snake. There is no opposite psychology here.

2. my woman must be similar as my mother

Wrong. Nowdays women are more progressive, ambitious, bold ladies. If your mother was servant in the kitchen, and your wife is manager, don’t expect that she will always wait you with warm meal.

3. after 30, women are too old to get marry or have children

This is old thinking, because this limitation moves and nowdays are more and more examples when women will give birth to baby after 35, even after 40. Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Madonna became mothers after 30 years.

4. i must be playboy, so woman will pay attention on me

Women will be curious about promiscuous guy, but for the same reason they will be untrustful, doubtful and they will leave you if you are involved in too much affairs. Every woman wish to be special.

5. I am the boss. So women must shut up their mouth when i am talking. I am not interested about woman opinion, especially about things as football, cars, policy. That are male things. 

Some guys have vision about pretty woman with big smile and flowers in her hands. She is silent, kind and she talks only when man give her sign. When such guy met different woman, he is lost and he wish to humiliate her , just to please his ego.

6. Women can’t show sexual desires, because that is male area. When men are horny, that is normal. If woman is horny, she is bitch.

When guy thinks on this way, he will miss passionable women or he will use them just for sex, because he is ashamed of woman predominance in bed. 

7. Women will not work or earn money. They will wait men at home, with their children and clean house.

8. Women can’t go out on parties, social events, football matches. That kind of women are bad , dirty and easy. Your woman will stay at home and wait for you with hot tea and dinner.

Some men will not allow their wives to work, because that could make them inferior, especially if woman earns more money. Man must earn money and pay bills, and his woman can’t compete with him and make better career.

Man who adopted all this misleads is loser from the start. Why? He will search woman accord his wishes, but in the same time he will be attracted or even seduced by different women. He has armature as soldier. This will make him interesting for open minded women, and they will try to destroy his bulletproof armature. 

Alert in this case, because such kind of man will hurt you, if you are not woman accord his standards. First you must break his misleads, because his heart is surrounded by prejudices. This kind of trash will be your obstacle. If you think you can easily change what his mother learnt him, you are wrong. You need lot of patience, and when you believe that you won, other woman will stand on your way, the woman who fits in his pattern. 

When this kind of guy lose love, affection or friendship of some special woman, he will blame her, because she was not good enough for him. In fact, he did not want to move little finger to do some changes or to make space for her wishes and needs. 

Conservative men are selfish, stubborn and their ego is very big. 

Why he should change, he is the master of universe, so it is better to find woman who will fit into his rules. This story will have happy end if such man really finds woman from this category. Sometimes, love arrows will hit into wrong target, and frumpish guy will fall in love in liberal woman, who will not accept his rules. She will open garbage box and throw his beliefs right there. Then he is in trouble, because his choice will be matter of his heart or mind. This will be tough decision, and maybe he will abandon his beliefs, what his parents, society, or religion taught him. 

What is important, when you search your soulmate, forget judgements, prejudices or stereotypes. That are misleads, and it will stop you to know person well. You will watch at this woman through misty glasses , and you will never know what you have until she gone away.


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