Message from one night stand



Did you ever fall into the arms of a stranger and spent a hot night with him? In this moment you did not make questions, decisions or any moral dilemma. You surrender yourself to him, without thinking what will be tomorrow. Later, if he did not call you, your best friend was with you to collect your pieces. 

When a friend asks you for advice to have sex with an unknown guy, you will say her: “Don’t do it immediately. Wait. ” When she does it anyway and asks you for advice again, you say: “I told you not to do it, forget him now. ” 

It is not over if your strategy is right, and you need to press some other buttons to catch this guy again.

The first button is self-control.

Try to think normal and don’t expect his call. If he is interested, he will call you. Also, don’t call him. You did one step too much, now is time to back off.

The second button is a formal button.

If he calls you, be polite, but formal. Don’t say “I love you” or “I adore you”. What you did, was just sex. If he wishes more, he must try harder.

The third button is a kindness.

Be happy, smile and talk nice. Don’t accuse him if he did not call you right now. Don’t ask him what he is up too. If you see him on street, give him hint but don’t run for him. 

The fourth button is a busy button.

It means, show him you can be alone. Don’t appear with other guys if he did not call you. Don’t act like a flirty woman. You wish to be with yourself. You are busy with work, cat, mother, sister. Just not available to him immediately. 

Sex is chemistry and after partners exchange fluids, it is not easy to think normal and act like nothing happened. For your own sake and balance, you will not act like a lunatic who cry, scream or yell if something went wrong.

Here is an example of a story where everything went wrong, but not because of a one-night stand. It happened because a girl made decisions with heart, not with the mind.

Lisa met this guy Victor in an amusement park. She was with friends, drunk and abandoned by an ex-boyfriend. He was a journalist and he made photos for the local newspaper. Her friends introduced her to him. They drink few beers and Lisa went to his bed. After this, he did not call her. She was waiting for a week, and when he met him he said he lost her number. After one more week, she met him again in a nightclub, they went into the car and had another sex. Mistake number two, she let him repeat the same. The third time she was totally without control, and they did it again in his office. He had keys, it was night and they did it again. After this, Lisa saw him with his girlfriend. She was desperate and she involved with his brother. They did sex too. His brother was also not material for relation, so he did not call her either. When Victor heard about her affair, he was angry. He asked her to talk. He said to her: “Lisa, why you involved with my brother? Would you have relation with yourself, after what you did? ” They never talked again. Lisa learned a lesson on the painful way. 

Guys have a nose for easy women. They can smell where is an opportunity for fast sex. It doesn’t matter did you sleep with him first or the second night, or after few months, if you are rational. If you show that you have dignity later, he will respect you. You will not be marked as a slut if you don’t use the same pattern always. 

If you are able to accept the fact that guy maybe will not ask you later, you don’t have anything to lose. You had the pleasure and now you can learn something. If he calls you, even better. It means he is interested, but that is his choice and you don’t have an influence on this. 

When you see a friend in tears after one night stand, don’t judge her. Say her to wait and act with the mind. In this way, you send a message that you are a cool person. You can sleep with him and you will not cry after, but also you will not do it with everyone. You wanted to do it with him. If he doesn’t understand you, he is not for you. You can send him back to his boring girlfriend or to his friends. You don’t have time for him, it was a one-night stand. 


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    1. In fact, my friends like to hear my opinion. I am married woman with life experience and i know how things work out. I don’t give advices, just suggestions and i don’t judge people. Everyone can make mistakes and bad choices.

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