Heart for sale

First date is magical moment. You will appear in your best edition because first impression is the key, how will things continue in next dates. So your favorite lipstick and new dress are your cooperators. This guy is hot, you wish to impress him.

He came right on time and waiter is here to bring you drink. Then, cold shower for you:

– Excuse me, i forgot my wallet. Can you pay for me this time?

This question jump out as threat, you are disappointed. How that happened? Well let’s try to fix it and pay this bill. Maybe he was so nervous that he forgot his wallet because he was rushing on date. For few days, he invite you again. 

Waiter is here, and your guy will say:

I am sorry, can you order something cheaper? This time i have enough money only for two espresso coffee.

This is it, this guy is not poor or clumsy. He is simply miserly or skimpy. Some men will say, this is age of feminism, so why should not women  pay their bills?

Here are some rules for guys, what they should not do on first dates,  when money is the question.

Don’t say that you are poor. If you don’t know the girl, she will think that you are unable to earn money or that you are too lazy. 

Don’t ask your girl to pay the bill. This is not act of gentleman and also it shows disrespect. If you met this girl, and this is your first date, don’t expect that she will pay instead of you.

Don’t count how many drinks you paid, how much that cost. Your girl must feel relaxed. If you have limit, she will not feel comfortable. You can’t expect that girl will drink water whole night, just to spare your money.

If you pay bill, don’t repeat next time that is her turn. Polite girl will know when is her turn, and when she needs to pay bill.

If her friends sit on your table, offer them to pay their drinks too. On this way you will get their affection and prove that you are well mannered.

Some men will think on double way. They wish to show strength, character and courage, but when it comes time to prove themselves as gentlemen, it is not always simple. Some of them will show immaturity. Why should i pay drink to woman when i only want to have sex with her? Why should i spend my money when i don’t want relation? Or, why i must invest so much money on this girl, when she can go away from me for few months?

Love is unpredictable and you can’t know what is on the corner. But, if you wish quality time during your relation, you will deal with your girlfriend. 

What women think that is right?

My guy will pay bills on first few dates, later we will deal about expenses.

I want to go out in some clubs , cinemas , amusing parks, so i hope you will pay 60% of this expenses. I want to travel with you , let’s share money. 

I don’t have job now, but when i will have it, i will participate in our expenses.

I have job and we will pay bills together. Now i live with you, we know each other for a long time, so we will share money.

If you are not sponsor woman, if you earn money, you will know when is your turn, without alerts that you should pay something. Of course, there will be some women who will always ask to pay bills to men, but i never agreed with this. Only gigolo will live serenity life with female money. If i would have a guy who would ask that i pay his bills, i would feel old and undesirable. Besides, woman from 50 ages who is in relation with guy from 30 can expect that he will find young and gorgeous girl, even poor and cheat her. 

Money question is not question of love, because heart is not for sale and love is not measured by money. This is more matter of dignity and respect. Guy who don’t want to pay drinks, woman who pay for sex, these are very visible signs that something is not alright. Someone is disrespectful or you made deal that you are together because you don’t want to be alone.


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