Sour grapes


Fable about fox and grapes is based on next point : the fox wanted to eat grapes, but it was not reachable for her. Then she said :”This grapes is indeed sour. I am not interested.”

As in life, if we underestimate something or someone, we will ask for negative labels at first sight. Sour grapes syndrome is protection for our ego. It is not that we can’t have it, this is just not enough valuable for us.

Envy is kind of masquerade so it is very convenient to represent someone as miserable creature and to make yourself high in the eyes of others. So, neighbor’s car is expensive, but he bought this on credit and he has nothing to eat. Well, my colleague is pretty but so stupid. This dress is gorgeous but everyone in city wears this. I can’t afford many things to myself but that things are not quality. 

Steve was crazy for Emma, but she did not notice him. He invited her for a date, she accepted from decency, and when he tried to kiss her, she did not let him. She explained that he mixed friendship and romance, and that she did not want to be rude to him.

He got so furious that he spread rumors about her, how he slept with her and that she brought sexual disease to him. It was very unpleasant, she was target of many jokes , and when people asked Steve why he did it, he said “she was so pretentious and ungrateful toward me that i wanted to make her feel miserable”. When Emma found boyfriend, he was “idiot who likes easy women.” Steve had answer for all.

This sour grapes syndrome is a way to justify our failures. 

It is easy to spit on something and make it feel unworthy and undesirable. If we deny quality we are not losers anymore. Even more, others who will pick up this sour grapes are idiots.

As in fable, fox stayed hungry, but this grapes is sour,  so no regrets. 


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