Pandora’s box


What is in our mind often makes difference from reality. How to approach a particular person? 

If we want to approach someone, we might try to enter into their brain. What would he or she like? Not, what you would prefer. For that kind of journey, your mind must be open.

Iris likes fast cars, heavy metal music, and gothic clothes. Her favorite movie is Count Dracula, and her favorite book Frankenstein.

Simon wanted to impress her so he bought her gift for her birthday. It was the last album of Lionel Richie, where was his favorite song Hello. Her face said everything, but he did not stay on this. He asked, how normal girl can’t love sentimental music, that she must be a lesbian when she likes such dark things and when she is so harsh. 

He was full of judgments and stereotypes because his mother learned him that all women are gentle, tender and soft. So, Iris is not a woman accord this theory. She is traitor to her sexuality and normal women should ashame of her.

Simon failed, and next time he chose differently. It is interesting how things which scare us, sometimes attract us. That is why some people want two partners, one for marriage, other for adventure. Iris represented something that Simon is aware of, he wanted to explore his other side, but he failed.

Not everyone dares to open Pandora box. Our internal fears are united in one person who attacks us in an unusual way.

Sybille had sex with Victor even he was not her type of man at all. He had a long beard, he was smoking weed and his mind was in mess. But Sybille said later, this is the best sex I had. Even she was a good girl from a good family, she opened Pandora box where was Victor.

She dares and she did not regret.

Would you dare too to face it with someone you like, but that person is not appropriated, even is in the forbidden area?

Remember, only brave people open Pandora’s box because they have guts to face it with content.


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