Who stinks at offices?


Bad breath, unpleasant smell, stench are enemies of every person. Everyone decide about own habits, but if you work with such people, your life could be a nightmare in the cloud of smell. It is easy to warn your roommate to wash teeth or change clothes, but if you are in this situation, would you choose to be open and honest or to suffer in silence because you don’t want to hurt him?

This happened in one of the offices at Ministry of defense in Croatia. Darko got new office mate, old woman Barbara, 55 years old. She has never worked in civil service and she needs money until her retirement. First, Darko was fascinated because she was a busy bee, ready to solve every file and to clean closet from old documents. She helped him with clients because he was really busy. After a month Darko noticed a bad smell in his office, and his colleagues smiled every time when he was with them at lunch pause. 

– Why you smile?

– Darko, did you wash your laundry? Or you forgot to wash teeth or hair? Something stinks buddy.

Darko realized that his colleague Barbara left a track of bad smell in his office. Then he remembered how Barbara talked about her big farm with horses and cows. She was proud of her animals at village farm, because she cared for them after work, despite she was tired. They were her pets, as she used to talk. Darko felt very unpleasant, and other people started to tease him that he will die from smell soon if he will not do something. He tried to talk about this in a kind way, as in generally “I really love to be clean, and my favorite perfume is Axe” but Barbara did not get the point. Darko opened windows but what will be during winter, when all will be closed? Still, he is thinking how to ask boss of the department to move in another room.

Not all employees are lucky as Barbara. She may do what she wants without worry about other opinions, but in private firms situations are different. 

For example, this boss in Serbian firm Telegroup had official order for his employees, to wash themselves because, as he said “I don’t want to puke or faint every time when I talk with somebody.”

Some people will say, why to be rude to others and why to hurt their feelings. 

Few questions:

1. Isn’t it rude to make unpleasant conditions for others, if you smell bad?

2. You are a minority if you refuse to do something to solve this problem, so do you have right to abuse others?

3. What would you do if someone else does the same thing to you?


Source of bad smell can also be kind of sickness, bad breath or alcohol, but whatever is it, you are the one who must solve this problem, not others.

If such people were firing, do they have right to complain? We can also sue for impossible conditions at work, so that story would be endless.


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