The first impression


This elegant lady stands in front of you. What do you think? She is pretentious, cocky, unavailable and if you are not rich you have no chance with her? I see the sexy guy, every muscle on his body is tight, so what should I think, that he is a playboy and his relations are only for one-two nights?

The first impression is very important because it leaves a mark. Words which person use at first meeting. Smile, grumpy face, sadness in eyes or firm squeeze when your handshake? How much we trust to our first impression and shall we judge people by the first appearance?

Claudia was invited to a job interview. She came in a tight blouse and short skirt. Her hair was messy and lipstick was red as blood. For sure every brothel would accept her, but she did not get a job as a nurse. Nobody paid attention to her skills. It was enough that people see her appearance and judge very quickly.

What has to influence on our first impression?


We expect something from a particular person. The blonde sexy woman is stupid. A policeman is an aggressive guy. Man in an elegant suit is a businessman.


Our vision is created in our mind. We expect someone accord our standards. Today you talked to this guy on the internet and you have your imagination about him.


Others said what you should expect. Your sources gave you info about the person. Accord that, you will have a particular impression.

If we want to trust our first impression, we must free our mind from influences inside and outside. Let’s pretend that we don’t think anything. This man you will meet for few minutes. Then you will make your conclusions.

If you wish to lean on the first impression, let your intuition leads you. What do you feel when this person smile to you? Which attitude you have toward his grumpy face?

We can’t judge people by the first impression. Sometimes, it will be really bad. We can fight at the first moment because this woman has so irritating behavior. Later, maybe is possible to make friends with her.

Conflict creates sparks. Who is arguing, at first sight, there is a connection. Why is so important that I should impress this guy and he is so arrogant of me? Maybe I feel sparks in the air and he interested me. 

When you are going to date, you want to leave a good impression. How is it possible?

The guy who wants to leave a really good impression to a girl will do the best of himself. 

Let’s make a girl laugh. 

Tell her good joke, but not filthy or insulting. Something sophisticated can make her laugh.

Let she feels special. 

Use compliments, but with balance. Tell her that she is important, that you feel pleased with her and you enjoy in her company.

Listen what she says to you. 

Look her into eyes, don’t look into the floor. If she asks your opinion, tell her what you think. Don’t yawn and don’t stare around like she is not here.

Don’t look at your cell phone, watch or in TV screen when you sit in the coffee bar.

That will say about you more you can imagine. 

Different situations will ask for an adjustment. You can leave a great first impression at work, but also your first impression at date can be awful. Use various strategies for various events. Don’t pretend that you are someone you wish to be. Don’t fake it, because every lie will swim out with time. What you said or did the first time is your basic stone. 

There is saying, that you can’t make the first impression twice. So let it be the best you can.


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