Promiscuity – panties on a cane


Accord some statistic average American woman kissed 50 men before marriage. An interesting result of one poll shows that Croatian people are first in the world accord number of changing partners, about 11, and a minimum of promiscuity have Indian people – 2 or 3 during life.

What is lie, and what is the truth when results of polls came out, it is not easy to discover. Men want to brag about a number of partners, and women want to hide.

Why is hard to found out past sexual experiences? A woman will hide the truth because of they afraid of men reaction. If you said that you slept with 12 men before your husband, what he will say? He will think of you as a whore or he will simply break relation?

And what about you? What if your man says that he is a virgin? Will you feel as his teacher or you will afraid that after sex experience with you he will simply slip from your hands to show his skills to other women?

Promiscuity is ground covered with ice. When you stand on ice, one piece of ice can break, and you can drown. It depends how you expose your promiscuous past. If you say at first date that you jump from the bed into bed or you had the sexual disease, many men will not call you back never again. If you reveal yourself step by step, your partner will avoid shock effect.

What are reasons for promiscuity?


If you ask women:

– some men were not for me, I had no luck, so I changed one by one

– I was too busy for long relations

– I enter into sexual life too young, so I wanted to collect experience

– one guy broke my heart, so from that time I ask for his copy in every man

– I cannot be faithful

– I am not ready for marriage, I have fear of obligations

If you ask men:

– I feel more masculine when I change partners

– playboys are more successful and popular

– I want to try many different women to compare them

– I have a big libido

– I want to compete with other guys, if they have sex often and change women, I want to try this too, I am not worse than others

Everyone knows own reasons. It is wrong to judge a promiscuous person. If you think such people are unstable or unable for serious relation, walk away. Sometimes if you admit your past adventures and affairs, a possible partner could label you as dirty. Staying with partner and judging is a worse option than a breakup.

In the case you stay with someone who carries past burden, don’t remind him or her every day what happened before. It is annoying to spin every time the same movie, about people who visited your bed. This is like you wear panties on the cane to show your partner that you wash it. 

Sometimes, women think to tie playboy forever because of delusional beliefs that they are the last station of their journey.  One day this person will find safe shelter, but it will be when he decided, not when you wish that happens. Such women will deliberately pick playboy and promiscuity is for the sign that everyone wants their partner.  What is glitter for someone, that is a treasure for others? 


2 thoughts on “Promiscuity – panties on a cane

  1. At one point in order to grow up what its important is to discover we have a heart and to love, not with how many people you had sex with. 🙂

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