Bells of love

Love is a wonderful feeling when is mutual. Your strength is double, the mind is clear and heart is full. Now you can hug even your worst enemies and give the coin to a beggar because you feel blessed by the gift of love. 

What if you fall in love, and your love is one-sided? This person doesn’t love you, but accept your feelings for some purposes, to please own wishes. What when you love someone who treats you as toy or slave?

Simply, the answer will be: leave it. The heart is deaf so love can’t stop overnight, but you will suffer and another area of your life will swing like a boat on the storm.

Which are signs that your love is an unhappy choice?

You cry even for small reasons. Everything around you is black, people are getting on your nerves and you wish to shot from a shotgun.

Your work looks very messy. So, you can’t focus, your results are low, and nobody wishes you as a cooperator, you can blow everything you touch.

You hate other’s advice, even they are with good intentions. Your friend is suddenly your enemy because she warned you that something is wrong.

You yell without reasons, your reactions are furious because every failure reminds you that your heart is empty.

So, if you look at your love, it is not romance from a dream. It should be in your head, when you lay on your bed you will think about him or her as your prince or princess, but the reality is different. This is not your match, this is more stone in your shoes.

Fantasies are based on habits. You had this habit to talk with him even you fight constantly. Also, you were happy to see him even he underestimate you. Sometimes, in this dark sky was a little ray of sun and your hope woke up, so maybe he will change his mind. Also, even unhappy love is better than loneliness. Is that right, what discarded love can give to you? When you are lonely with yourself, it is your choice and you have nobody to blame. If you are lonely with someone else, you can blame him or spit on him because he made you unhappy. 

What if, for a change, you find different kind of love, mutual love?

You can recognize mutual love very easily.

He supports you, believe in you and you feel beautiful.

Your work is progressing because your privacy is finally stable. You don’t need to check your partner, is he with someone else.

Now you will apologize all your friends for giving them hard time, they were shrinks and priests because you could not calm down, you were unhappy.

You smile and you are beautiful, and this is the best makeup.

When you love someone, and that person can’t respond to your feelings, this is not loving indeed. This is your desperate wish to connect with someone. You try to turn on his buttons, but it doesn’t work. Real love doesn’t need force or repeating. It simply works, as light. Sun is shining even after the storm, even you did not expect this at all. Listen carefully that bells of love, it is not meaningless noise, just wonderful music for your ears and heart.


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