Love scam


We meet our soulmates in different places. Every love story is individual, and life creates the best movies. No matter did you meet your love in the train, in nightclub or he/she was your neighbor, this is your own magic story and you will tell one day your grandchildren about that, if you are enough lucky to meet person who is worthy.

But love is also area of the biggest misleads and fraud. Human heart is very fragile, and the biggest mistakes are in love , indeed love is the weakest spot of everyone. This key discovered many cheaters and impostors, and they found ideal place for their activities. That ideal place is internet.

What will lonely person do in attempt to get rid of loneliness? He/she will open internet pages, in searching of soulmates. But as much some soulmates are in internet, also there are many traps. It is like you are walking on battlefield, you don’t know when you will stand on bomb and you can explode together with your illusion.


What kind of misleads are in internet love stories?

– you can meet person who only asks for your money

– you can meet  sexual maniac

– your favorite person can have fake identity

– he/she can be someone who broke the law

– your soulmate can be married, in mental hospital or in prison

Internet is kind of lottery. What kind of reward or punishment you got? 

How to avoid to be a victim?

don’t meet with person until you are sure in his/her intentions about you

– don’t give money 

– check identity with ID, search google, ask other friends about that person if you are in doubts

– buy smartphone to discover IP addresses

– if you travel to meet her or him, don’t be alone

– if you are alone in foreign country, ask for embassy of your country to protect your rights in the case of troubles

– give notification to your family, friends or anyone close to you in the case you decide to go in another country, they will easier find you if you leave a track

– you must have full charged cell and some money to get away in the case of trouble, go into cyber cafe and never forget your passwords if you need quick access to internet 

It is easier to stop possible problems than to solve problem which already exist. That charming stranger was full of love when you talked with him on internet, but suddenly he is not so nice anymore? Or that girl was so sexy, but who is that man with her and what they are asking from you?

There are no such blind people , like people in love. Love can create such misty area that you get lost in a moment. When you wake up, you can be robbed, raped, without dignity and honor. So think about yourself, but also think about your family and on people who love you and who are concerned about you.

If your internet soulmate is real one, that person will wait, he/she will help you. Usually first sign of any jerk is that they are rushing always. They have no time, because there are many victims who wait them , to get lost in their spider net.


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