Not to do list – after breakup


Your heart is in pieces, your mouth are full of chocolates and you can’t stop crying. Again someone cheats you with lies and nice words, so now is over. You knew he will not stay forever, but somehow deep inside you hoped that he will change his mind.

Now you have black on white his statement about end. It is really not the same if you leave someone or if someone left you. When you leave someone you have power to fix things, to change your mind or to quit any attempts of reunion with your ex partner. When someone leaves you, your hands are tied. All is up to him or her.

You can look into mirror with your eyes full of tears and dream about happy days from the past, but you have no magic stick to bring this person back.

When we are angry, sad or broken we lose healthy sense. Our view is not objective and we can make big mistakes. 

Here is list of not to do things, which are usual mistakes after breakup:

1. don’t call him, don’t message him, don’t follow him after he said it is over

2. don’t drink too much because it can make you more unstable

3. never flirt with his best friend, brother or relatives to get your revenge

4. don’t talk with his ex girlfriend to make some sushi association, because it will convince him that you were wrong choice

5. don’t change guys as socks , promiscuity is wrong way to prove your values

6. don’t jump into relation short time after breakup

7. if he found new girlfriend, don’t attack her

8. don’t talk about him every minute and in every subject with your friends, like you are obsessed

9. don’t isolate yourself, you need to get out and have fun

10. don’t threat to your ex partner, this can make you more troubles

11. don’t ask for sympathy or sorrow

12. especially, never blackmail your ex with possible suicide

Breakup is painful and it is hard to cut special person from your heart and your life. 

Try to think healthy, there is nothing that you can hold on anymore. This special person doesn’t exist if he had enough courage to break this. Real love will find ways to continue, but something what was temporary has deadline. Now you are on the end of your path with that person. You can open new door after you get over this. There are lot of things you can do for yourself. First is forgive and forget, not because of him, just because of yourself, that you can go forward.


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