Hopeless romantic

Word “romance” is filled with moonlight shadow, stars, flowers and slow music as “Lady in red” from Chris de Burgh. If you like that someone seduces you on old fashioned way, this steps will be lottery won for you. Naive girls will believe that such guy can’t do any harm to them, because he is hopeless romantic.

In the age of feminism this kind of guys will be ridiculous, because more and more women will not believe to old tricks. Really, would you fall on this kind of trap?

Here is little draft how some men try to get attention of pretty women and forget to update their strategies.

Old corny seduction look like these :

Start with big intro.

“Hey girl, did not we meet before ? You look familiar to me. Your eyes are big as ocean. Your smile would break ice. You look like Halle Berry. “

Concrete action. 

“Can i buy you drink? Do you need someone to drive you home? “

Invitation for closer contact.

” Can i get kiss? I promise i am good in kissing. “

Backup plan if you don’t accept.

“Oh come on don’t be shy. I am not bad man. Just relax. “

Romantic actions could easy turn into pathetic try to capture woman’s heart. It is very inconvenient if guy lives in small place because everyone knows for him already. He must move on somewhere far away, because already he has collected too many baskets from women who rejected him.

Someone will say: what you have against romantic guys? They are so sweet, kind and not violent. They give lot of attention to women and they are well mannered. Well it is not gold all what is shining. Romantic access will make fire on first sight, but don’t fool yourself that your life will be soap opera with him. 

Naomi met Steve in high school and they were dating few years before they got married. He took her into cinema and bought chocolate and popcorn for first date. He was full of sweet words in every opportunity. Naomi lived in rich family so she was good choice for him, because he did not have job. She thought, he will find job with time. Steve did not want to get up his lazy ass even when they got into troubles because of financial debts. That romantic guy became unemployed moron . 

Somehow i was never fan of romantic guys. I don’t like romantic comedies, slow music and big statements of love. More, i believe in actions. I love guys who hide their feelings and show emotional reactions only for private moments with someone special. Privacy is main ingredient for real romance, and in internet era that is rarity. Everyone wants to show love in public, just to make other’s jealous. Why should we make Big Brother  from our love story ? 

This hopeless romantic guy is upgrade version nowadays. He will say i love you in virtual space, send photos of flowers and angels, but not only you. Imagine, you got flowers and soft words from internet man, but he sent the same to wrinkled granny , because all women are beautiful and special ? This kind of romance leads to pathetic space. Romance in extreme form is just lame attempt to get attention. 


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