Chivalry under construction

The main fear of every man is that others will labelled him as cuckold. There is no bigger shame than man who is under his woman’s skirt and jump on every order, as her dog. This is trap which every man wants to avoid, so in some cases he will choose other side, that is macho side.  When man is shaped by wrong beliefs, he will beat, insult and abuse his woman, just to show others that he is the boss in his house.

In old times differences between men are women were more clear. Woman was fragile, gentle side, man was strong personality who feeds her and family, and for return, she is cleaning, washing and cooking. Today, we created new type of man, who is not cuckold, but also he is not violent boss. He is kind of modern gentleman, updated knight and example of ideal man.

Well, where is the catch, and how your man should know that you don’t expect from him to be your dog? 

Women make next mistakes in attempts to make their man as gentleman :

Look at your choice . 

Is this man created to be a gentleman? If you deal with man who raised in family where father beats his mother, how to expect from him to act different with you? Here is hard job for you both.

Do you give him example of woman who deserve his respect?

If you yell at him all the time , if you use hard words every day and gossip him in front of your friends and family, he will feel disrespect and it will bring back to you.

Do you compare him with other boyfriends or husbands?

That is big mistake, to give him example of ideal guy, to pick role model and expect from him that he will follow this ideal. He is not robot.

Imagine that you are princess in the castle. She will cry offended by vulgar man. You expect chivalry, you seek for your knight who will defend your honor. Before he came, be ready to fight for yourself. This princess waited and cried. Her knight came and announced duel with that man. He died in duel, for her honor. The point of story, princess did not do nothing for herself. She waited that someone do it for her.

Sometimes is funny when man and woman change roles. One day Gavin , who is invalid, make conflict with his neighbor Ross. Gavin provoked him and Ross approached to slap him. Gavin’s wife Laura stand in front of Gavin, ready to fight for him. Laura was knight in skirt. In this way, he made his masculinity under question.

Women heroines are person with good intentions, but with bad sense for reality. You will humiliate your man if you talk instead of him, fight instead of him and solve his problems in his name. 

Recently i saw funny situation in one virtual group. Man provoked woman and she replied him, properly. Man did not replied her back, but his wife come to reply in his defense. It was embarrassing situation, she played role of his mother. He left impression as he is retarded, immature brat.

Support is sometimes excuse for weakness. So, if he will not stand by your side, it doesn’t mean he is not supporting you. It means that you must have your attitude. Or he wish to push you , not to be passive woman. If he will jump in every moment, you will be addicted to his attention and once when he will not be here, you will die without him. 

This knight is under construction. As we females fought for our rights for a centuries, we know how to show our wishes and what to request. We know how to get rid of intruders. At least show wedding ring to impostor or tell him something insulting. 

There is dilemma in every woman : “I want to have man who will stand by my side and against all. But i don’t want that others think that he is violent or that i made this from him. He is not my bitch. ” 

Years of my experiences show that man who will slap someone for you will slap you too, in certain situation. There is magic word deal, for couples, when is necessary to fight alone, and when you expose yourself as team player. 

If you are independent woman, and he is independent man, you are invincible couple.


5 thoughts on “Chivalry under construction

  1. Great post, Kristina! A lot to think about. There is a fine line for men in our culture…and it is getting harder for them to define what is expected of them. I know you are right, though…codependent relationships are so common but what is needed on both sides is respect for the other. My man is very easy-going and wanting to please me always. He is easily influenced. I don’t take advantage of his personality, though. When one constantly depends on the other to give their life meaning–then they lose their own precious life.

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  2. Under construction?? You are being much too kind. It is torn down and needs to be totally rebuilt. There are so many things that need to be blamed. Social media has reduced man’s need to communicate face to face. Younger men no longer have the social skills to read a woman’s body language. I go to a bar and everyone is staring into their phones! With the hook up mentality that is pervasive in society, men work less to ‘win” a woman. Political correctness make people afraid to talk. Feminisim has stripped some men on their macho.

    There are so many things to blame. As you said the lines between the sexes has blurred. And while I am 110% behind the idea a qualified woman should earn the same as a qualified man, I truly believe things were better when ther lines between man and woman were more defined.

    Sorry, for the long windeed answer. Great post. It was a pleasure to read. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. I am glad to hear your opinion Andrew. (remembered your name). Yes, younger men stare at their phones but also younger women do the same so nobody needs nobody, that is blank space . Sounds as we need remake of fairy tale about Sleeping beauty. 🙂

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