Secret pledge


Happiness is more effective if you share with others. Sadness is easier if you talk with someone who will listen.  Throw your anger in a way that you admit your bad deeds. 

So, choose your best friend and tell her that you lost virginity. Tell her that you cheated on exam or that you fooled your boss about your travel expenses. Do you think this powerful information will stay sealed and hidden safely?

Sometimes we regret because our mouth did not stay closed. We set up own traps and what makes us surprised?

Silence is gold and if you can keep quiet and bury your secret inside of you, you are the best friend to yourself. If you share, be careful to whom you are sharing your private details.

Trudy was kind of seductress, beautiful teenage girl who loved attention of guys. Her friends were envious because everywhere Trudy appeared, guys approached strictly to her. Other girls got pieces of this cake. Also, Trudy needed big audience, so her habit was to talk about her adventures. She said in confidence to her best friend Maria, that she will soon leave her boyfriend Louis. Maria felt sorry for Louis because he was nice and good guy and she called him to prepare on this sad event. Louis called Trudy after this to say her that is over between them. He saved his pride, but Trudy was shocked , because first time in her life someone was leaving her. She attacked Maria, but Maria said: “Don’t blame me dear, you was the one who humiliated him. “

Egoists will often forget that not everybody is happy with their confidence. Not everyone will clap with hands when egoist share secret. Trust is double sword, and it will turn against person who use it. 

How many times you regret when you share trustful details about yourself?

When you got first period, maybe you said to your best friend, and she told to others. Did you feel uncomfortable?

When your boyfriend failed during making love, did you tell this to your friends, and they laughed behind your back?

Did you said, in confidence, that you stole something, even it was small toy from market?

Your secret is your slave, but if you share it, soon it will be your master. Every time you share something, be sure is this in right hands. 

Typical promises:

“I won’t tell to anyone. “

“I swear i will take this secret into my grave.”

“I never share other’s private details.”

If you burnt yourself already with someone who shared your secrets as songs on the radio station, don’t be fool to give another chance. Think about who really deserves your trust, and even better, do you have something to use against that person. For any sake, stay awake with open eyes. This secret pledge should be verified with real confidence, not with promises.


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