Romantic puzzles

What we wish or imagine is often different from what we get. Remember yourself as child. If you are woman, as little girl you had dream about handsome man who will do everything for you. Maybe you fell in love in actor or face from cover of the magazine. Maybe your dream was about rich man who will give you comfortable life. If you are man, your vision could be blonde, sexy woman who will do everything for you, in house and in bed. 

Adult person woke up with knowledge. Your man is maybe bald, too skinny or with fat belly. He earns average salary and his mother is boring person , but you need to show tolerance. Maybe he is handsome, but his character is far from expected. He is passive , maybe not so good lover or very demanding. Which leads me to conclusion, can we accept people as they are?

Once when you learn to accept that people are not robots you will be more happy. Simple recipe is, find in your partner anything what thrills you. He is not rich man, but he is smart and funny. He has so sexy smile and beautiful eyes, even you must pay bills together with him and you can’t effort some things. 

When you learn that you love some guy, even he is not realization of your dreams?

He is skimpy, and you don’t mind.

He is not so handsome, but he is very charming for you.

He is rude but you love his sarcasm.

He can persuade you to do things which you find out as boring. For example, you don’t love rock , but you will go with him on concert. 

Ronald had this vision of ideal woman in his head. He imagined tall blonde bombshell, talkative and charming, someone who has look as escort but brain as geek. Ronald met Patricia. She was brunette, with glasses. She was smart, but her boobs were small and legs short. She was not ugly, but for sure she was not for the cover of magazine. Ronald crazy fall in love in her when she rejected to go on date. He was thinking, why this average woman did not fall on him immediately? He was handsome one. Simply, she made him to try harder with her.  Then he accepted her, on the way she are.

Life would be boring without surprises. Imagine that everything is as you planned. Something is missing , isn’t it? Beauty of relation is acceptance of reality. Besides, there is one catch. If he loved you because of your sexy breasts and long legs, what will be when you will get old? One day your breast will be hanged and legs will be wrinkled. You might have stick  to walk. Then you will see meaning of real feelings. He can help you to walk with stick or run for other, younger sexy blonde.

Can we judge those who can’t accept reality in relations? For sure not, because their punishment is their superficial view. Many times stories about rich old men who married with young pretty women are example that wallet is key for relation. Some will rather pay for beauty, neither to accept average. Their standards are based on dreams and illusions, and they pay for it. Bernie Ecclestone is happy with Fabiana Flossi even she is more than 50 years  younger than him. He catch his dream.

Love is a choice. Live with your dream, but don’t get surprised when you pay bill for this dream. Live with reality but don’t get surprised when this reality doesn’t fit in your dream. The choice in this romantic puzzle is yours.


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