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Soulmate with label


Did you feel attracted by someone who is not appropriate for you? Now forget social differences and stereotypes, because sometimes you feel inside that someone is not your number. You don’t see yourself is serious relationship with this person, but you feel strong desires. This person simply makes you horny.

Emotions are not always mature, and not everyone we met is our future husband or wife. We will travel through our desires and sometimes we will just ask bunch of sparks, without questions where is final destination. Trouble is if we hurt someone without intentions, because other person might think different. 

Some guys have scale and they will label girls in more groups.

Girls for one night stand.

Girls for friendship.

Girls for relation.

Girls for marriage.

Of course, every woman wants that her beloved guy accept her as serious candidate for marriage. What is in his head, that is another question. You can be beautiful, smart and rich, educated and hilarious, but if you are not woman accord his draft, all is in vain.

Timothy was far from perfect man. He was average in everything. Ordinary man with average social status, not so smart and especially not gentleman. He had that rude attitude which makes him unavailable from woman who wanted to get him. He realized a long time ago that he can have every woman in his hands, if he makes wall. He had excellent strategy. First he was nice with every woman, and when woman fall in love in him, he would make step back. No calls, no love statements and simply silence. He was in relation with Louise and everyone told him that she is great choice for wife. Pretty, educated and successful manager, she was diamond in his arms. But, Timothy wanted silent woman who will make warm meals and wait him with smile when he came home. Their relation was turbulent and soon they had only great sex. Timothy did not understand her need to read so much books, to meet with significant people from business world and to discuss about everything. His conversation was “hello, how are you?” and every complicated talk about philosophy of life was headache causer.  Between sheets, they had amazing time. Louise was sophisticated, and Timothy was always ready to please her. He was her medicine against business stress. Even when Louise got married, she kept him as lover for a while.

If you say that you never labelled anyone, you are wrong. Maybe you are not aware of this, but when you sleep with someone without intention to call him later, you label him as your toy boy. If you have friend with whom you are drinking, and you don’t want to call him on your birthday party, you label him as drinking buddy. If you have colleagues at work who is precious to help you in business project, but you never talk with him private, you label him as business partner. We are forced to label people accord their purposes. Emotional area is the most painful, because you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Someone labels you as one night stand girl. You are personal bitch. Maybe you are just friend and he will never touch you, because he considers you as sister. 

Society is not the only culprit for labels. We will make this by our intuition, because sometimes that is necessary. Not everyone in our life could get special place. We have top lists, even we will not admit it. Today you have special party , you wish to celebrate your success. Will you invite everyone? You don’t need boring neighbors or some annoying relatives. You have your VIP friends and their places are already marked.  Especially for them.


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