An eye for an eye


One statement about vengeance is: “an eye for an eye”  based on The Code of Hammurabi , from the age of Babylon. In this background is injustice, wrong act which someone did, and that person deserves punishment. If you steal, authorities will order to cut your fingers.

We are witnesses of many hard life situations, when we were damaged or hurt. The worst part is, guilty person will get out without scratch , because life is not fair. For a comfort, people like to believe that karma will do good work , but this is slow and maybe it will never happen. 

In this case, people will support revenge as right act, because culprit must pay his bill, otherwise he will do it again.

If you don’t support forgiveness, if you can’t forget , than you will justify revenge as good way to fight back to get your paycheck. 

In this case, you need smart plan, because once when you take a sword, this sword can turn against you.



How to make good revenge?

Be silent and quiet in your plans.

If you can’t alone, choose good cooperator.

Don’t brag later about this.

Don’t go against law, because you will get caught. You just need justice, not slaughter.

Don’t sit on two chairs. Be careful which side you will choose. 

Don’t change your mind, to feel sorry for your victim. Once when you are in it, there is no return.

Here are two examples of good revenges.

Paul was manual worker, he was working in night shift and he wanted to sleep daily, in peaceful atmosphere. His neighbor Dwight was playing guitar and Paul warned him not to do this in the time when he is sleeping. Dwight was deaf on all alerts, and he continued. Paul noticed his motorbike in the hallway, and waited time when Dwight will not be at home. He put large amount of sugar in motor bin. So, when Dwight wanted to ride his motorbike, it did not work out. He was nervous and he could not solve this problem without artisan, so it cost him money. He never realized that Paul did this, and when other neighbors called police because of noise he did, he was enemy number one for his street. 

Caroline was voluntary worker at the court. Her boss was woman, a judge who was very demanding, and Caroline had treatment as slave. When she left, after one year of work experience, judge asked her phone number if she will need anything from her. After few months she called her on that number, because Caroline went to work in another city, this time for salary. She wanted from Caroline to collect some info about her client who lived also in that city. Caroline send her messages with this content : ” i am sorry, wrong number” and blocked her future calls. 

“An eye for an eye” could be updated nowadays as ” everything is coming back”. It is not necessary to hurt some physically to learn him lesson. Sophisticated ways are more effective.

There are also some ways which are not revenge in classical sense, but it will hurt your opponent.

Move on, close the door. It kills ego of person who hurt you.


Be happy and smile. 

Make success in your life. 

Walk away without notification. 

Whatever you think about vengeance, and whatever you decide, the main point is to make yourself happy. Happiness can’t exist until you have burden on your back or thorn in your heart. Release yourself from this, and believe that nobody is spared of troubles. Next time their heart will bleed, and you will be in the other movie.


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