Poker game with life

Why something is going wrong even we expected different? It was not meant to be. God had different path for us. I am cursed, psychic told me that i will never be happy. I did not give coin to beggar so i will pay my karma. Making apologies for our problems and mistakes is an […]

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  Accept me as i am. I don’t wish to pretend, i am bad actor. I am not perfect, but i hope you will love mine imperfections. That are wishes of many people, to be accepted without change. Now here is another wish, in opposition with your personality. You wish to fit in society, because […]

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I love you – real meaning

  In the moment when you feel something special for special person, your heart will poke you to say “i love you. ” These words are on the top of emotional list, and there is a need to say this. You can’t imagine day without him, he makes you happy, so why not to say […]

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Compassion against dignity

Life brings us every kind of problems, but it is easier to deal with it when we are healthy. In the case when person became an invalid, things are getting harder.  Everything we do until now change.  Things have different meaning, different shape and world is harder place. But what is really necessary to do when […]

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Hungry like a wolf

Conscience – the biggest invisible executer which person could have. It prevents us to do something wrong and punish us if we do it. If you have even little amount of emotions, you will cry after you did something wrong to someone who did not deserve it. Or, you will not sleep well at night. […]

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Let me sin one more time

Repeating is mother of knowledge. I can say this with dose of irony, more you repeat the same mistake, you will learn more and title of master is yours. The problem is, time is running and if you stay in one place, frozen in the same situations without exit, your chances to find final solution […]

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A crucifix for mistress

  These days are popular new viral hit: two fat married women beat mistress in a bikini because she has stolen their husbands. Nobody involved in that street fight, the poor mistress was half naked and two Godzilla women made revenge.  Really, what would you think at first, if you were cheated? To kill the […]

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Granny with cookies

A long time ago  my friend  Y asked me : “How do you manage this? How you raise after fall? I want to die. I would kill myself if i could. My life sucks and it will be only worse. ” If you had role of happiness, would you knock at her door? Frankly, i […]

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It is not my business?

Your decisions are results of choices. If anyone asked you, is it right to stand on your way, you would say no. Nobody has right to make influence on your choices, or to involve in something personaly. Is that really true? Imagine that your family member or friend has big issues in relation. For example, […]

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The cuckold

Infidelity is a painful thing. This is not only stabbed heart with a poisoned arrow, a flood of tears and ruined dreams. This is a broken trust and respect on the floor. Somehow it is easy if a cheated person is a woman, at least woman can cry without a shame. Maybe is in woman […]

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