Invisible escort

Snap, he broke up with you. You got  hard kick, and now your place is on the floor. This cold shower will not hit just your heart, it will affects to your ego, and after this you are victim of bad jokes or condolences. What is worse, that someone feel sorry for you, or that others laugh to you? Imagine when you are invited at wedding, and you recently broke relation. Now , all relatives are quick to find you perfect match. Then, you are surrounded by ugly friends, clumsy cousins or randomly picked strangers. They are your escort for wedding party, what a waste! In this situation, you are not in the mood even to talk with someone, and now you are forced to dance and celebrate other’s happiness. 

New year’s Eve, Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthdays and weddings, that are all situation where you will need suitable match. If you are single, everyone will feel obligation to make you company, and this is green light for all desperate men to approach you, even you would like to kill them all. So, pressure is high, and what will you do?

Now is time for your defiance. Show them all who you are , that you still rule with your life, even this jerk left you. 

When Shane split with Barbara, it was the end of the world in their small city. They were together for a decade and it was unpleasant surprise for her parents. Her mother loved Shane, as her own son. Even worse, her younger sister had wedding, and everyone expected that Shane will appear there, but he broke up few days before. Barbara was crying, but she did not want to spoil party to her sister. So she went to hairdresser, she bought new clothes and little bottle of vodka. She was little drunk at wedding, but with smile on the face. She did not want to dance, and after she rejected few pests, she felt better. At the end, everyone around the table laughed on her jokes. She caught flower bunch, with words : “I am next, after i get sober.”

Every person is different, so we will accept defeats with various reactions. Sometimes, when you have no escort for promotion, wedding or any kind of celebration , you are ready to do everything, just to save your ego and pride.

What can single women do, when they need escort for important event?

Call your handsome cousin to make you company.

If you have brother, ask him to go with you.

For sure you have neighbor who is silently suffering for you? He is good candidate too.

Your colleague from work is also not bad choice.

You can ask your best friend and her boyfriend to go with you. If that friend have trust in you, she can “borrow” you her boyfriend, for this occasion. For sure, it will not be like in movie “Carrie.”

There is no bigger despair when everyone stare in you, because you are alone in place where everyone have their company. 

Now you will be envious even to women with ugly husbands, because they are not alone. You look perfect, you have expensive clothes, but chair next to you is empty. Now, that annoying bastard, who is also alone, wish to sit next to you. Look at him,  his teeth are black, he smells as garbage box or his jokes are so bad that you wish to cry. 

If nothing else works out, you can tell everyone that you are sick. Now is time that you suddenly get cold, your body temperature is high and you even start to sneeze. Yes, you need to go home, and you don’t want that nobody follows you. Another time you will have fun for sure, isn’t it?

The point is, even you have no escort, you are not alone. Your pride, dignity and honor are still with you. They are invisible, but they are the best convoy you can even meet. 


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