Peter Pan and his game


Some guys want to be kids forever. It is hard to separate from mother’s care and to meet woman who is much different than their mother.  Background of this story is in childhood, when mother spoils her son too much. In intention to protect their kids, some mother do everything instead of them. Result is, that kids never wish to grow up.

How we can recognize Peter Pan in real life?

1. he avoids any kind of obligations

2. he is afraid of relations

3. his friends are younger than him and he looks for younger women, much younger than he is

4. he will break up with you without explanation

Yes, that kind of man is someone who will hurt you even he looks like innocent child. He will never insult you, never slap you, and never humiliate you, but he hurts with his behavior. His fear from marriage will bring bad consequences. This cold shower you can remember for a lifetime.

Thomas was cute boy , with sweet smile on his innocent face. His mother always bought him candies, she even involved in child’s fights and he lived as little prince. When he got married, his mother was in every corner of his house, for any important decision he asked her and his wife Sheila did not have permission even to choose which color will be their car. Because mom knows the best, Thomas explained and for a return he gave Sheila expensive stuffs, just to buy her silence. One day he employed new secretary and she became his mistress. Thomas felt that he can live new life with her so he left Sheila without explanation, she got message from his lawyer about divorce papers.

Peter Pan needs his Tinkerbell, but she can be only his servant, not partner. He never grew up. If you listen his promises you are in big trouble. Because only mature man can bring decisions. Peter Pan never give guarantee that something can works out, he will give you fairy tale with not so happy ending.


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