Addicted to love

When you feel loved in his arms, his kisses are the reason for life and this dream is indeed your reality. Love spreads miracles with a magic stick because you have that special someone. When we are enough lucky to find someone who will love us back, we are on the way to eternity. 

Love doesn’t pick targets so people are caught in this spider net suddenly, unexpected when they are not ready. One special category, which are suitable victims of love, are emotional addicts. Such person cannot be single, she is jumping from relation to relation because love butterflies are her sense of life.

As much we are able to control our feelings, we will attract more lovers because it makes a person interesting. Everyone wants something untouchable, forbidden, mysterious. Especially if this is the person who will give love only to us and eliminate other candidates from the heart.

When we live life just in one direction, to find someone who will complete us, this path could be deceiving. 

Emma was addicted to love from her teenage days. Hug, kiss, making love were her reason to woke up. Some people called her slut, but she was not enough cold to be a slut. I believe that real slut is a woman without feelings, able only for physical love, without deeper connection with her partner. Emma got a lot of pain because of her emotional nature. She left every relation with tears. In a period of 20 years, Emma collected huge love experience and she is still not married. She is asking for real one. She had this habit to connect with a partner so deep until choking. Her boyfriends found her as obsessive, woman who gives much, but it was also easy to hurt her. She did not have balance or self-control. As heroines from old love novels, she was able to commit suicide, cry or make a terrible scene when she realized that owner of her heart is not the right choice. 

One thing she never does is to be alone more than one month. Soon after the breakup of the previous relation, she was in another one, she had no time to clean herself from poison.  She was already there, next boyfriend was perfect, previous was an idiot, and again this future love became past. She was spinning in a devilish circle.

This leads me to next question.

Why are some people not able to be alone for a while?


Emptiness. There is not a partner to smile with us, to share problems, to make love.

Despair. What if this situation last forever?

Fear. Will we ever find someone who will stay with us?

Grief. Somehow, grief and single status are connected.

Balanced people are able to deal with single statuses. They will upgrade their life, find a new job, new friends, travel or play basketball, take a new course, just to fill the emptiness. In this period they will find the source of happiness, which is not an unnecessary new partner.

Love addicts are kind of nymphomaniacs but in a sensitive sense. Nymphomaniac is searching partners all the time because of lust. Love addicts are searching partners because they are hungry for love.

Reason for this can be in childhood. Maybe Emma was a child in unhappy marriage, with parents on emotional distance. Maybe she was a victim of bullying. Once, one important piece of her heart was taken and never came back. From that period she is in research until she finds her missed button.


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